SJWs Gather To Protest Death Penalty, Netizens Rage At Their Foolishness.

Abolish the death penalty?

Netizens Find CNA Survey On Landlords Dumb.

Hot on the heels of the earlier announced results, CNA unleashed another race-based survey result. This time, it’s about rental flats and whether landlords would rather rent out their property to those of their own race or others. Not surprisingly, the results said landlords tend to rent to their own kind. Seriously? They needed aContinue reading “Netizens Find CNA Survey On Landlords Dumb.”

Mee Pok Tah, The Man Who Accused NUH Staff Of Negligence And His Wife’s Miscarriage Now Paiseh, Claims He’s Sorry For Running His Mouth And The Harm He’s Caused NUH.

Never verify, fire anyhow.