Bitchy Customer Complains About ‘Hijabi Bitch’ Worker At Tuk Tuk Cha.


Let me get this clear; it’s fine to diss an establishment for their bad customer service. The workers treat you like crap? Fire away. It’s your right as a customer to complain. However, you don’t need to be bitchy and start making personal attacks based on how they look, even if their service sucks.

Like this guy.

Come on la bro. Judging from your TikTok profile you seem to hang out with another Muslim girl wearing a tudung, so why the nasty language?

No need to say ‘Hijabi bitch’ when a regular bitch is fine.

I was all on your side when you were railing about the bad service…right up to the point where you talked about how your server looked like a tomboy and completely against you when you used the words ‘hijabi bitch’.

How does her wearing a hijab have anything to do with the issue at hand? Why even feel the need to point that out? Hijabs already are an issue enough (ask the nurses) without your help.

Whatever made you think that you have the right to denigrate somebody based on their looks and religion? Being bitchy and pissed at the service you got doesn’t grant you a pass.

Sure, your anger is righteous, but only when you don’t go off topic.

All the good points you made in your rant about Tuk Tuk Cha’s bad service (which should’ve been the ONLY thing you focus on) just evaporated because you decided to be judgmental regarding the appearance about the people there.

Was it worth it?

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