I buy a ton of shit from Amazon SG. They’re probably my go-to whenever I need something. Great prices and all. I trust them with any item that’s in-stock.

…but I never will preorder ANYTHING from them ever again.

That’s because they simply do NOT honor their preorders, especially when it comes to books.

I love reading, so I order a ton of books from Amazon. Artbooks, omnibuses, novels…a ton of books. All of them came on time and in (mostly) great condition. Unless I had the books on preorder.

In that case, they wouldn’t come at all.

I had an item on pre-order (Aliens: Colony War) that had not shipped for months after it came out. I got so fed up that I bought it at Kinokuniya instead.

That’s Strike One.

Here are the other two.

In this case I mean I have another two orders that aren’t shipped.

One of them (the Alien novel), I’ve preordered weeks before its release.

Both these books are available right now on Amazon SG, but if you try to order direct from Amazon SG, they’re labeled as Temporarily Out of Stock.

Except it’s been that way for weeks. It was the same thing with my original preorder (Aliens: Colony War). I waited for TWO months and it NEVER came into stock on Amazon SG.

It’s bullshit!

How can you be out of stock for preorders? Why even bother to take preorders if you’re not going to be filling them on Day One anyways?

A couple of days ago, I have two more items that have just come out…and you guessed it; they’re still not shipped.

Note when I preordered them.

Amazon SG


The books came out on 23rd August. Or rather, they were supposed to be delivered by then.

Instead, 23rd August came and went and I got this bullshit on the 24th.

Amazon SG

What is this nonsense Amazon?

How is there a damn delay when my preorder came in as soon as I saw the page was up?

I didn’t preorder a day before release, I did it a MONTH before!

You’re one of the biggest companies in the world and you’re telling me you can’t fulfill preorders?! That shit will not fly! It’s not one time, it’s not twice. Hell, it’s more than thrice!

I don’t get any compensation for their issues, I don’t get any update on when the books will be shipped. I get jack shit.

Is this how you treat your customers Amazon?

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