Section 377a Being Repealed Leads To Homophobes And LGBTQ+ And Their Allies Clashing Online.

section 377a

Finally, it’s a done deal. The divisive Section 377a in Singapore’s Penal Code is finally getting nixed. A carryover from our Colonial Days, the law (which also existed in other British Colonies like India and Hong Kong) criminalized same sex male relations, despite it being between consensual adults.

What am I talking about? Of course you know that’s what its about. I’ve written multiple posts about this over the past few weeks!

For a recap, here’s what it all boils down to.

Those in the middle want peace, those for the repeal are celebrating and those against are decrying and doing the best Chicken Little impression.

So why another post?

Simply because it’s hilarious to dive into the comment sections of Facebook posts to see how triggered homophobes and religious nutjobs get.

I’m not alone too!

Seriously, these people get hot and bothered over a law that doesn’t have anything to do with them.

That makes me wonder whether most of them are closeted homosexuals and this is their way of celebration. They can’t say they’re for the repeal in public, so they’re going the extreme reverse by vehemently making their ‘displeasure’ known.

Here are the homophobes, bravely defending their discrimination with the zeal usually associated with mouth frothing lunatics.

There’s a lot of that going on in the opposition camp. Muslims, Christians and probably other religions unite to condemn something that doesn’t affect them in the least.

Even better, they make up unsubstantiated claims.

Claims that are right at home with conspiracy theories that Trump won the 2020 elections, that lizardmen control the world and of course, that the Earth’s flat as a pancake.

Of course, the homophobia is also disguised as religious affront.

Did you really expect those with extreme devotion to their religion to keep their mouths shut?

If you thought that religions zealots were over and done with, you thought wrong. There’s a veritable wellspring of support bubbling in Singapore that disguises their LGBTQ+ disgust with their interpretation of religious commandments.

Then there are the idiots, like this one.

Syarifah Hassan makes me ashamed to be the same race and religion as her. How can somebody so dense have kids?! What sort of future will they have with a parent who’s as braindead as this?

Does she honestly think that repealing Section 377a will make straight men suddenly vanish off the face of the Earth? That we’ll all magically get the hots for other men and start playing for the same team? What kind of nonsense is this?!

Thankfully, the witless and vile among us aren’t the only voices online.

Some are taking the venting and curses leveled by those anti-LGBTQ+ as cues for sarcasm.

LGBTQ+ supporters view the repeal as a step in the right direction for equality.

Some aren’t too happy about the hard stance the PM’s set for same sex marriages but that’s going to be a battle for another time and day. Right now, the repeal of Section 377a is still a substantial victory for the LGBTQ+ community, gay men in particular.

Generally though, the announcement’s been met with positivity, with a ton of netizens speaking out in support.

Of course, there are also those who view it as the ultimate sign that the country’s going down bad.

Those in support of the PM are also those who are pushing back against claims from the homophobes and religious zealots.

A lot of them are questioning on why the Catholic Church’s opinion matters when Singapore’s a supposedly a secular state.

Incredibly, there are even a few Catholics who are against the Church’s stance. Though Christians, they’re accepting of LGBTQ+ and embrace the repeal.

section 377a

One netizen even made this about religious freedom and it should apply in this case.

It’s something most of these religious hard cases forget when they’re speaking out on their soapboxes. They think they represent everybody.

section 377a

Obviously that’s a delusion. I’m Muslim and I support the LGBTQ+ community, to a certain extent.

Those on the fence aren’t that numerous, but they do exist and surprisingly, have chosen to come out this time around.

The silent majority seems to be of the ‘live and let live’ viewpoint, and want everybody to just get along. It’s as good a stance to have in this case methinks.

Expect things to get more heated as the official repeal date gets closer. What will the hardcore do?

Keep watching this space and find out!

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