Masks Being Optional Indoors For Most Settings Is The Wrong Move.


You’ve all heard it from the head honcho himself right? Masks for indoor settings (apart from some exceptions like public transport) will be optional. Most Singaporeans are cheering the decision.

These people are undoubtedly idiots.

Why would you willingly not wear masks indoors when transmission chances are much, much higher? Do you really trust strangers to be socially responsible and not go out when they have COVID-19 symptoms?

I trust nobody during this pandemic…and you should be doing the same thing too. Singaporeans have proven time and again to be an untrustworthy lot during the pandemic. Remember how many got infected from illegal KTVs? That’s just the tip of the shenanigans Singaporeans have pulled!

Not wearing masks indoors is the height of idiocy.

It’s stupid, it’s reckless and it’s irresponsible.

Sure, it’s optional.

Those who want to wear mask can go ahead…but what about the idiots who will readily abandon their masks the moment the rules change? What guarantee do the rest of us mask wearing folk have that these people are not COVID-19 positive when we encounter them in malls or other enclosed areas?

At least outdoors there’s a lesser chance of viral transmission. Indoors, in close quarters? Forget about it.

More than likely, you’ll catch a face full of COVID-19 virus particles, especially with the newer, more infectious variants.

It’s not like TraceTogether is still in use!

Mark my words, we’ll be seeing a huge uptick in COVID-19 cases as soon as it’s optional to wear masks indoors. Just because it’s estimated that a ton of the population has caught COVID-19 doesn’t mean it’s ok to go ahead and take needless risks like this.

For those of you who are reading, do NOT fall for the trap. Do NOT remove your masks indoors.

Think of your family and those you care about.

Keep your mask on, keep yourself safe.

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