QC House Barber Won’t Cut A Malay Dude’s Hair Because He Doesn’t Speak Mandarin.

qc house

You thought something like this is a thing of the past right? Not in modern Singapore you say. You thought wrong. Discrimination is alive and well in Singapore and it popped up in the most unanticipated place of all; a barber shop, specifically QC House.

I don’t know what the QC in QC House stands for but judging from how the worker treats non-Mandarin speakers, it might be Quality: China.

Yup, according to the Malay guy (Abdul Salam Salim) who got discriminated against, the barber was a PRC import. Seems like CECA took attention away from bad PRCs working here and they want the spotlight back on them.


The bugger comes to our country, but demands we bend to his will.

QC House

Are you kidding me?

Who the hell thinks this is right? Where the hell does this damn barber think he is? Deport his useless ass back to where he came from.

I don’t know why Abdul insisted to get his hair cut there after being discriminated against. I’d have gone out the door the second the guy acted like an ass. I mean, why would you pay to be discriminated by this China prick?!

That’s just reinforcing the China barber’s attitude!

You know what we all need to do now right? Yup, boycott. Boycott the shop all the way to hell and back.

Speaking of which, why the hell are we taking in foreigners who don’t speak a lick of English? What is this nonsense? Maybe for non-customer service jobs (cleaners and the like) we can make an exception, but barbers? These guys interact direct with customers!

How can you not have somebody able to speak English?

This is Singapore, not Chinapore!

What next?

Doctors who can’t speak English? Teachers who don’t know a word of the language?

That’ll be fun times for everybody involved.

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