Hwa Chong Councilor Tries To Brainwash Students Against the LGBTQ+ Community And Netizens Are Pissed About It.

Remember Beow Tan Hiong? She was the infamously unhinged racist who was caught on camera for her disgusting views. Today, news broke that a bigoted school councilor who’s against the LGBTQ+ community had been spreading lies in their lessons. Guess what they both have in common? If you said Hwa Chong, then you’re right on the money.

SAP schools have always been said to be a breeding ground for these types of elitist freaks. It’s even been said by former alumni that racism issues run rampant in these schools. Allegations which they’ve promptly denied…but then again, they couldn’t very well acknowledge the claims, can they?

The proof as they say, is in the pudding.

These are the exact slides used.

On top of that, there allegedly was even a video shown to the students that’s blatantly anti-LGBTQ+.

This one.

I thought schools were to avoid using any one religion to promote their agenda? What’s this then?

According to Hwa Chong, the councilor that’s been promoting his own brand of sexual education has been ‘reprimanded’.

hwa chong

Notice that they’ve used words like ‘reprimanded’ and ‘suspended’ but not ‘fired’ or ‘dismissed’.

That means Hwa Chong is still having the guy on their payroll, just not teaching sex ed.

That’s pretty much giving the bugger a light tap on the wrist and telling him not to do it again…while winking. It certainly sounds like he’s still doing counseling sessions, just not sex ed ones.

They’re not kicking him out for telling outright lies and feeding pliable minds with horrible disinformation and outright lies. Is this a school you want to send your kids to? I’d be ashamed of myself to be associated with them if I was an alumni.

You know what’s even more galling?

This isn’t the first time that Hwa Chong’s gotten into hot water over sexual education in their school. Back then, they claimed it was all due to the facilitators of the talk being contracted from outside the school and that they went off the books and were ‘ineffective’.

Hwa Chong’s management backpedaled, apologized and said they’d do better.

Spoiler alert: Nothing’s changed.

Netizens of course saw the language and wording and came to the same conclusion that I did.

Hwa Chong’s management seem to be more interested in burying the matter than addressing it. Understandable…but since it’s nothing new to them and they still haven’t addressed matters any, it’s pretty much a given that this issue (or something similar) is going to pop up and bite them in the ass again in the next few years.

One Netizen doesn’t want to let them off the hook easy though.

Kane Cane wants management to come forward and address the issue on why the councilor’s teaching materials weren’t vetted beforehand. It certainly begs the question of whether Hwa Chong would’ve done anything at all if they found out about the issue internally instead of having it go viral.

By their past reactions, I’d say not.

As it turns out, Netizens are pretty pissed at this blatant attempt at brainwashing because they sure as hell think the punishment doesn’t fit the crime too. The councilor got off way too easy.

That doesn’t mean that everybody online is on the same page.

Those who can’t stand the LBGTQ+ community of course came out to voice their opinion.

Hell, some of them even claim that the stuff posted by the councilor was true and that the butthurt LGBTQ+ community are the ones who are trying to brainwash people.

They cite this link from PubMed, which is a resource to free medical journals from the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM).

While the study does jive, the fact of the matter is the councilor is still spouting the information with no citation to collaborate his claims.

While his bashing of the LBTQ+ community is certainly discrimination, it’s the false and fake news that he’s claiming as fact that’s the bigger problem here.

That’s something a few Netizens have trouble grasping.

Kids should always have the option to pick their sexual orientation.

Forcing somebody to be not gay with false information and brainwashing is no way to progress as a society. Yet, these posters see nothing wrong with that.

Methinks these people need to go back to school too.

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