Malaysian Snowflake Is Butthurt Over Movie, Writes Wall Of Text On FB To Complain Then Acts Surprised When He Gets Flamed.

There exists a huge group of people that can’t just sit back and enjoy something at face value. They have to dig deeper into something and then come up with their own assumptions to frame their narrative. These are the snowflakes, who are offended at anything and everything. Recently, a Malaysian snowflake popped up on Facebook to write a HUGE wall of them to complain about Mat Kilau, a Malay movie.


That alone should tip you off to how inane this is going to be right?

When you try to dissect a braindead movie and force your assumptions that the filmmakers have a hidden message, you know you’re grasping at straws. In his nonsensical rant, the Malaysian snowflake goes off on the film, claiming that it demonizes everybody but Malays.

Duh. What the hell do you expect in a Malay movie? All of them are stupid. That’s why Malay cinema (apart from P. Ramlee) sucks…and I’m saying that as a Malay.

Once Upon A Time In China demonizes the British and Americans. Countless westerns demonizes the native americans. Hell, countless Hollywood movies demonizes Muslims.

So what?

All of them are movies. They’re meant for entertainment. They’re not meant for dissertations to be written about concerning the racial prejudices and other societal ills. If you have to be butthurt about every single film thinking there’s a hidden meaning to them, then you might as well stop watching anything.

Forcing your own warped views into a movie’s narrative and then getting angry about it just shows how ignorant and intolerant the person is. The snowflake claims he’s not one to criticize movies…then goes about doing it anyways.

If that’s not a cry for attention, I don’t know what is.

The fool got what he wanted though.

Malaysian Netizens (Malays and of other races) came to his post to slam him for his nonsensical views and his general assholery. It got so bad for him that the snowflake had to lock his post up, because more and more comments came in to flame him.

Just like a snowflake. When the going gets tough, run away.

Perhaps that’ll teach him not to run his mouth online and think there’ll be no repurcussions.

…nah, I doubt it.

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