Should The ‘No Caning Over 50’ Law Be Revoked?


I’ve always be a proponent for caning. I was caned as a kid for being bad and I’ll cane my kids for misbehaving too. Like most Asians (and Singaporeans), I believe in the value of a good caning to keep people in line, be they kids or criminals.

I (and also a ton of Singaporeans) also believe the law that forbids caning as a punishment for convicted criminals over the age of 50 has to go. We’re already dealing out the death penalty for drug smugglers so why are we balking at dealing corporal punishment to older people that deserve it?

Health reasons? Screw that.

If you’re a criminal you deserve what you get. Age shouldn’t be a damn factor. If you’re an adult, you can think rationally when you’re under 50 or over! That doesn’t mean shit.

You get a heart attack and die while being caned? Too bad.

Do the crime, get what’s coming. It’s a simple enough equation.

When I heard that the bugger who raped multiple kids only got 45 years in prison and no caning at all because he’s 54, I was pissed as hell. The people I talked to are pissed as hell too.

This bugger (I won’t refer to him as a person) traumatized the lives of kids and all he gets is a measly 45 years? He might be out even earlier through parole! All that and he doesn’t even get to taste the rotan because he’s over the age limit?


How is that justice for the kids who have to live their lives with the psychological trauma due to this asshole? Jailtime by itself is nothing without some reminder permanent (in the guise of rotan welts).

People are gushing over the fact that he got such a lengthy sentence but barely register that he won’t be getting the cane because he’s over 50. That’s a massive injustice I feel, especially since the rotan is a big contributor to instilling fear to would-be criminals.

Too many criminals who deserve caning escape simply because they’re too ‘old’ to cane.


If they can commit the damn crime, they should be caned.

Age be damned.

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