Amber Heard Losing To Johnny Depp Shows That People Are Starting To Believe Men Can Be Abused By Women.


Amber Heard shit the bed. I mean that literally and figuratively. Literally in the sense that she actually defecated on Johnny Depp’s bed and then had the gall to blame it on her dog. Figuratively because she’s just screwed over every single woman abuser in the world by losing a high profile abuse case. Yes, the stigma is finally starting to clear. Men can be abused by women.

It might be rare but it does happen and we all should acknowledge it.

For far too long, it’s a shameful secret that some men have to carry.

Psychological and cultural ingraining has it always that the man is the stronger of the sexes. If you’re male and being abused by a female, you shouldn’t call yourself a man because that is absolutely shameful. Your manhood is called into question.

Society automatically gives the women the benefit of the doubt because of that. There have been numerous cases where women falsely accuse men of abuse or crimes of a sexual nature when the men have been completely innocent.

Nobody believed them because apparently people back then couldn’t just accept the facts that a man can be a victim at the hands of of a woman.

I’m not belittling the women who are the victims of abuse, just those who lie about it and are automatically believed because they’re women.

How is that actually possible?! Aren’t females the weaker sex?

Thankfully, Johnny Depp’s victory signals that abusive women are now on notice. The world is starting to believe that men can be victims too. True, you can argue the case of Depp v Heard is one of defamation. However, Depp had to prove that Heard actually abused him on multiple occasions to win it. In doing so, he proved that he was actually a victim of spousal abuse, at the hands of a woman.

Of course, feminazis (hardcore feminists) and the woke movement can’t have that.

This is literally a collection of headlines from around the world that defends the abuser. Notice something? The majority (if not all) of them are written by women.

Somehow, these people can’t accept the fact that a woman’s the abuser. Despite undeniable proof in the form of sworn testimonies from witnesses, video evidence and even lies uncovered during the trial itself.

They just can’t accept the fact that a man successfully made his case that he was being abused by a woman. It’s honestly shameful that the woke movement and feminazis would deny the cold hard truth and defend an abuser just because of their sex.

Disgraceful truly.

Hopefully more men will come forward now to say that they’ve been the victim of abusive women and that more courts (and their juries or judges) will now keep an open mind.

Don’t be afraid to come forward guys.

It’s time to take a stand against abusive women.

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