Muslim Netizens Are Finally Starting To Realize That Indonesian Muslim Preacher Somad Is Bad News.

Remember that radical Indonesia Muslim Preacher Abdul Somad Batubara? I talked about how foolish and idiotic some Muslim supporters of his were. You don’t support somebody who views the world through the warped lens Somad does!

No good person supports an asshat like Somad. He preaches bad, bad things against other religions for goodness’ sakes! He condones the usage of suicide bombings! How can zealotry like that be a good thing?

Yesterday, it was revealed that among the Singaporeans who’ve been arrested under the Internal Security Act was a 17-year old follower of Somad, having watched his videos on Youtube.

You know what else that dood has allegedly done? Watched videos on suicide bombings.

Put two and two together and it doesn’t take much of a leap to see what this particular fool was planning. Maybe Somad didn’t instigate the guy, but his fiery, divisive rhetoric and support of the despicable tactic sure as hell helped push the guy onward.

Thankfully, it caught the attention of the MHA and nothing bad happened.

This new revelation was embraced positively by most Singaporeans. The majority of us already dislike Somad, so it’s not a surprise to see that.

What’s surprising is that there are now some local Muslims who are in support of the actions taken by the government.

I know!

It surprised me too, especially considering the near total support of Muslim Netizens Somad enjoyed just a couple of days prior!

Compare this to the last time when most Muslim Netizens got salty that Somad got sent back.

It’s a small but positive sign that perhaps some of his supporters (or the Muslim population at large) might be changing their minds after being shown the light.

Ironically, despite the revelation that one of those arrested by the ISD was apparently a fan of Somad, nobody really focused on that.

Nope, everybody’s still apparently stuck on Somad and how his actions (like making disparaging remarks about Singapore) and his followers’ actions have made things worse for him since then.

I mean, threatening Singapore? Making idiotic and hyperbolic claims? That’s not going to win anybody over. If anything, it just proves how right the MHA is for blocking his entry into Singapore!

Even despite the outlandish shit he and his followers have been up to since then, there are still members of the Muslim community here (mostly from local Facebook Muslim groups) that refuse to accept the fact (not allegations) that Somad is bad news.

Sigh…some people will ignore the truth no matter how glaring it is.

This one, so deep in the rabbit hole of Somad’s ass even tries to play the Uno Reverse card.

Congratulations guys, you just played yourselves and showed that you’re potential radicals for everybody who’s watching.

Why throw shade on your government? I’m not saying to trust everything but in matters of national security, it’s always better to err on the side of caution than be caught with our pants down. Of course there are details that aren’t revealed. Perhaps they’re pertinent to other investigations, perhaps they’re too sensitive to say. There are a ton of reasons for omission!

Why would you willingly choose the side of a radical preacher who isn’t even from Singapore over a government that’s sworn to protect your own country and its citizens? It simply boggles the mind!

Speaking of being on watchlists, a couple of Netizens make an interesting case too. They’re wondering if Somad’s relatives in Singapore shouldn’t be put on the ISD’s radar too.

I kind of agree with these guys. I don’t know who they are but considering that Somad’s willing to come over here to meet up with them, they certainly bear watching for any subversive or agitative behaviour.

Remember, the apple doesn’t fall far from its tree…

Thankfully, despite Somad’s posturing, the fact of the matter is he’ll never set foot on Singaporean soil for the rest of his miserable life. Or on UK soil or on a number of other countries he’s been banned from.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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