Follow This Dude’s Example And Help The Homeless If You Can.

Singapore’s a pretty decent place to live…if you have money. Unfortunately, not all of us living here do. While the country’s poverty rate is relatively low, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any Singaporeans who don’t need any sort of financial assistance or help with their homeless situation.

There are…and their numbers might be growing because of the tough economic conditions.

The fact that Singapore’s one of the most expensive cities to live in doesn’t help matters any for the poor in the country.

That’s why it falls upon to the rest of us to assist those that need help, which is what this dude did when he saw a homeless man listlessly wandering a food court at One North last Friday night (as told via MSNews).

Technically, the dude didn’t know the older gentleman was homeless at first. It was only after he called him over to find out why the man was wandering around that he older man told him he was broke and hungry.


Apparently that was enough for the dude, as he bought the homeless man some food in the form of snacks from Boxgreen, a purveyor of healthy snacks.

Healthy food?! Now that’s just rubbing salt into the wound bro! What evil did the homeless man do to you to warrant such a torture?!

I kid I kid!

Healthy food or not, it’s still food. Besides, I guarantee that there’s no way any starving person will reject healthy food…or any kind of food at all. Hell, if I was starving, I’d be glad just to have food to eat in the first place!

So remember…the next time you’re eating outside, don’t just focus on your phone. Look around, take in your surroundings. Maybe there’s somebody like the old homeless uncle that needs you help too.

It’s up to you to assist if you’re able to.

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