Singaporean Supporters of Indonesian Muslim Preacher Somad Should Be Ashamed of Themselves.

By now, you’d probably have heard about the brouhaha that’s erupted after radical Indonesian Muslim Preacher Abdul Somad Batubara was turned back at the border, after being refused entry into Singapore.

The reason being he’s labeled as an extremist and potential religious agitator due to his inflammatory rhetoric and crusading against other religions.

Despite proof to the contrary, Somad’s local supporters purport that it’s all a sham by the MHA. That Somad’s a kindly man who preaches peace, tolerance, makes rainbows in the sky and poops that don’t stink. They’ve even taken to spamming Facebook pages of authority figures in Singapore to show their displeasure.

To them I have this to say; denial much?

One just needs to look at his sermons to see his intolerance and bashing of other religions, especially Christianity. I’m a Muslim but I’ve been taught by teachers (both religious and normal) that respect for other religions is essential. You simply don’t insult other people because of what religion they have chosen.

Yet, these very same Singaporeans, who I assume have been taught similarly, voluntarily choose to ignore that and side with a foreigner who’s warped sense of Muslim entitlement and superiority makes him a pariah even in own country.

Indonesians, Muslims and otherwise, have themselves spoken up in support of the MHA banning Somad. Think about it?! How reviled do you have to be that your own compatriots denounce you and support a foreign country’s decision to give you the boot! Even the Indonesian government has put out a statement in support of the move.

Yet, more than a few local Muslims are vehement in their support of Somad. Are you guys insane? Do you not see how this Somad bugger is bad news?

He claims to be coming here for holiday but does anybody honestly believe that?

What’s to stop him from dropping by a mosque and giving an incendiary sermon that might offend other religions? Do you people want religious riots again in Singapore? Do you not know or remember our history?

It’s easy for him, he’ll just jet back to Indonesia after and we’ll be left trying to mend relations.

So yes, I’m Muslim and I wholehearted support the MHA decision to block Somad from coming. If you don’t trust your government and what they do, then by all means, go join Somad in Indonesia.

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