Beware Of This New Scam!

With the memory of the banking scams slowly fading from our minds (and the banking sector enforcing tighter security), it’s inevitable that the scum of humanity will move on to something else to try to scam people.

The part time job scams seem to be making a comeback, but there seems to be a new scam too that’s also making the rounds.


Candy Yeap apparently was targeted in one of those.

She got a call (from a local number apparently, because there was no +65 scammers usually use), got told some bullshit and was directed to come down to a location.


Luckily, she sensed that there was something hinky because they wouldn’t give her their business registration. By the way, you can ask for a business’s ACRA registration number (UEN) and then look up the business at this government website.

It’s not a violation of any privacy laws so anybody telling you otherwise is a liar.

While we don’t know what would’ve went down had Candy went to the meetup, I think it’s safe to say it probably wouldn’t have been anything good.

Remember, next time anybody claiming to be from so and so company asks you for anything, get their UEN number and verify their identity first. Even then, ask for more proof until you’re satisfied the person really is legit.

Remember, always verify any information you get from an unknown source. Never accept things at face value even if you think you know better.

Don’t fall for their tricks.

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