Singapore’s Buses Give Rides To Ghosts and Spirits.

Don’t go off running! There’s nothing to fear…not unless you’re afraid of ghosts and the supernatural. Even then, that shouldn’t put you off from riding our local buses. At least not during the day.

Most bus routes are fine. They go through populated areas, so there’s nothing weird or hinky going out. Well…if you don’t count the incidents of racism or whatever you sometimes get.

Some buses though…their routes take them through deserted stretches of road. Sometimes even near graveyards. I’ve personally ridden on one of the multiple times in my journeys to (and from) the Civil Defence Academy at Jalan Bahar.

It’s bus number 172! It’s a great ride and a great way to get from Chua Chu Kang to Boon Lay, with long stretches of road uninterrupted by traffic lights. Incidentally, the bus also goes past the Lim Chu Kang cemeteries, which is why sometimes it’s more than people than ride on them.

Esther Tan‘s post also confirms this.


Seen on the It Must Be The Hantu page on Facebook, the post has Esther recalling an earlier conversation she had.

What more interesting are the replies, with various members of the group chiming in with their own experiences.


It’s an interesting read, especially seeing our Bus Captains unofficially acknowledging it too.

So next time you’re taking these late buses home and the captain stops at a bus stop where there’s nobody…don’t be surprised if you hear footsteps but there’s no one on board.

It’s the ghosts, in case you still don’t get it.

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