Living In HDBs In Singapore Is A Compromise.

For most of us, we’ll be living in HDBs for the whole of our lives. It’s not a bad lot, but not everybody is lucky enough to have considerate neighbours. I personally have assholes in my block who think they’re the next coming of <insertfamoussingernamehere>, with their daily karaoke sessions that the whole damn neighbourhood can hear. Living in HDB is a life lesson in compromise

That’s exactly the point of the guy bitching about a funeral taking place under his block. He got so pissed about it he took to the Internet (Reddit specifically) to complain.

Yep, the dude seriously went online to complain about grieving people who’ve just had somebody they loved die.

That’s not excusing the behaviour of those keeping watch over the funeral at night.

They’re definitely in the wrong for not thinking about the residents and making a din in the middle of the damn night…but it’s a funeral for goodness’ sake.

I think that should earn them a pass right?

The point is that we should all be considerate to each other at all times, though there might be certain circumstances when a party has to bend over backwards for the other. Perhaps it’s a funeral like the above case. Or maybe it’s a Muslim wedding.

Compromise is key.

There’ll always be certain cases that one should always give face too, even if you’re the one being inconvenienced more. On the flip side, if you’re at funerals or weddings or whatever, do also spare a thought for other residents who might be put off by your antics.

Sure, it’s a joyous/sad occasion, but that doesn’t give you the right to be an ass.

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