Creepy Perv TADA Driver Asks Overly Personal Questions, Even Tries To Visit The Customer’s House.

In the past few years, private hire vehicles usage has been steadily growing. With COVID-19 being so infectious, sometimes it’s just better (for peace of mind) to just opt out of public transport and go the PHV (Private Hire Vehicle) route. Of course, that brings with it its own set of complications too. For example, what if you get a perv like this as your driver?


Estella Ong relates one such incident in which her TADA driver asked her all sorts of overly personal questions. What type of house she lives in, who she lives with, why won’t she lower her mask so he can see at her face…even going so far as asking if it was possible for him to visit her flat to take a look.

Obviously, that rang all sorts of stranger danger bells for the lady. Why the hell does a PHV driver need to make visit your house, right?

Here’s the scary bit.

After Estella Ong made her post on the Complaints Singapore Facebook page, another woman stepped up and said that something similar has happened to her too! Here’s the kicker…it’s by the same driver as well!


Holy crap!

Now that gets the mind wondering doesn’t it?

If he’s done the same thing to two different people, who’s to say he hasn’t done the very thing to countless other females? Even worse, the PHV driver drives a regular cab, which means he has a TON of customers that could’ve been subjected to the same thing.

It’s scary to think that there are bad apples out there in our PHV pool. It already takes an effort to board a private vehicle, placing your safety in their hands without needing to worry about whether the driver is a perv or not as well!

TADA Singapore’s apparently reached out to the two ladies so we’ll hopefully see what happens next soon.

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