An Old Ah Pek Molested A Hijabi And Nobody Helped…Until Much Later.

As Asians, it’s pretty much ingrained in us too just suffer in silence. Sure, we bitch and moan, complain to people…but when push comes to shove, we just take it and bear with it. It’s not in our nature to stand out, to make a big fuss. That is a big negative trait that we have to break free from. Whether it’s to draw attention to being molested, a theft or anything that requires immediate help, we shouldn’t keep quiet.

We need to become more like this lady.

I’m not sharing the link and blurring the user to protect her identity, but this was posted on Facebook just a couple of days ago. The lady, let’s call her X, a terribly traumatic experience when she went to Sheng Siong for groceries.

As she stood in one of the aisle thinking about what she needed to buy, X felt a hand cup her butt for a few seconds. Initially thinking it was her son, she soon realized it was an old man who had molested her when she turned around.

Seriously. It turned out the perpetuator was 66 years old.

He could be somebody’s grandfather. If you’ve of the mind that molesters are all young and desperate adults, let this be a warning to you. Anybody can be a molester, anybody can be molested. Age is just a number.

X actually shouted at the molester and tried to restrain him but he tried to scram. What gets me going is that nobody in the damn store (at least initially) tried to help.

From her account, the store was decently populated, it was just everybody was too stunned or simply can’t be bothered to lend a helping hand. It wasn’t until the pervert left the store that a couple of Sheng Siong employees rushed out to nab the guy.

I’d like to blame the bystanders but honestly, I think if it was me there, I’d be frozen for a bit too. That’s why we need to be more reactive in our daily lives to situations like this instead of being like deer in front of headlights.

It’s great that this story has a happy ending. The guy was caught and there was proof of the act caught on camera but it still shouldn’t have taken so long to nab the dude in the first place. What if he was younger and could run? He’d be long gone by the time anybody tried to do anything.

Companies should definitely train their employees to respond quickly in times of emergency instead of going into shock. It might not be cost effective, but how can you place monetary value in saving somebody’s life or getting a criminal arrested?

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