Somebody At NTU Is Salty They Still Can’t Get A Girlfriend After 50 Dates.

Dating takes skill. Getting a lady interested enough to go out with you isn’t easy. Unless you luck out, you’re going to have to work for it. Even then, it’s no guaranteed success. It’s worse if you have no confidence in yourself…or are an insufferable asshole. That, might explain why this post popped up on the NTU Confessions Facebook page.


Somebody over there apparently felt that he needed to rant about what he feels are the flaws inherent in local women.

Apparently, he thinks women with status never date down, while the lesser educated ones are better in the sense that they’re easier to get along with.

Now, I’m actually inclined to agree with him somewhat.

I’ve met my share of self-entitled women with status (rich or educated) who think they’re superior to pretty much any local man.

Unless you’re blond haired, blue eyed, come from the West and have a multiple zeroes (with no decimals) in your bank account, they won’t even deign to look in your general direction, much less date you.

On the other hand, I’ve met women who are the exact opposite.

To generalize and say all women are like that though…that’s just plain wrong.

Plus, it’s more interesting to note that he’s gone on 50 dates and still hasn’t found somebody to like him enough to hang around. Assuming those are 50 dates are with a different gal, that’s a LOT of women turning him down.

No wonder NTU bro is salty as hell!

I’m honestly intrigued in finding out the why in this case.

Why still no girlfriend after so many dates? Is the guy expecting perfection? Is he an asshole that treats women like objects? Is he secretly gay?

So many questions with no answers! Many one day the fellow will come back and finally let us know!

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