Ong Shi Chuin: The Bus Captain That Saved The Life Of A 5-Year Old Girl.

This is a story about how one man saved the life of a child. The man, Ong Shi Chuin. Professional bus captain for SBS Transit. The child, an oblivious kid running around in the middle of the road, while traffic was stopped at a traffic light.

Ooooooh, can you feel the chills running down your spine? Imagine the horror if some motorist unwittingly ran down the child? Can they live with the guilt?!

Thankfully, we never got to find out because of Ong Shi Chuin. He stopped the bus he was driving and went running to the rescue of the girl.

Th official SBS Transit Facebook page has the blow by blow of the account.

 Ong Shi Chuin

Ong Shi Chuin is a hero, no doubts there.

What I want to know is what the hell were the parents of the girl doing? How the hell do you lose track of your kid and let her wander off like that! Just because she was at a playground doesn’t mean you can just let her be and take your eyes off your kid. That’s how kidnappings happen!

Also, ever thought of teaching road safety?

Shame on you. Totally inexcusable behaviour for the parents.

On the flip side, I wonder what SBS Transit plans to do to reward the bus captain.

I mean, he did save a life and get people talking about the company. That’s free good PR right there! He should at the very get some NTUC vouchers or something! You just don’t let good deeds like this go unrewarded.

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