Dude Confesses To A Girl He’s A Muslim Cross-Dresser…Even Wears A Hijab!

With LGBTQ gaining mainstream acceptance, it’s getting commonplace to hear of people coming out of the closet and revealing their sexual orientation. Nowadays, most people won’t even raise a fuss if you find out somebody’s transgender or whatever. Well…unless you’re a Muslim cross-dresser like this dude.

Long story short, the reason why you don’t hear much of Muslims in the LGBTQ community is because Islam pretty much condemns any orientation other than straight. There’s no leeway at all. You’re either straight, or prepare to face damnation in the eyes of most Muslis.

While liberal Muslims aren’t as slavishly adherent to the edicts, most Muslims are.

So, it definitely takes some major cajones to reveal yourself as a deviant in the eyes of Islam, in this case as a Muslim cross-dresser.

Here’s the post from CeritaAku (MyStory) – SG.

Muslim Cross-Dresser

Long story short, boy meets girl. Boy tells girl he’s a cross-dressing dude. Girl goes online to share and get opinions.

Now I don’t know whether this story is true or not (after all, this is Facebook we’re talking about), but there’s an underlying humorous tone to all this!

Cross-dressing is outlandish enough…but the cherry on top is that the guy goes all out and wears a hijab on top of the whole enchilada. Since cross-dressing is already blasphemy in Islam, so why not just go whole hog right?

I’m not judging the guy one bit though. You do you buddy.

I just find it hilarious that he goes to such extremes when it’s already so much work to look like a woman. Adding in wearing a hijab is like overkill! Then again, it might be useful in hiding a guy’s adam’s apple!

Apparently, it’s not an isolated thing too! There are tons of images online of Muslim cross-dressers wearing the hijab.

Sadly, there’s no picture of this particular guy. I’d have loved to see what he looks like all dolled up and raring to go.

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