Netizens Pissed Andrew Gosling Who Murdered Malay Grandfather Got Off With Light Prison Sentence.

If there’s one thing you can count Singaporeans to support, it’s being harsh on crime. While we’re mostly liberal in a lot of aspects, one thing we all agree on an eye for an eye type of deal. When news broke earlier today that an Australia racist named Andrew Gosling who killed an innocent Malay grandfather got only a 5 and a half years prison sentence…well, let’s just say Singaporeans weren’t happy.

Actually that might be an understatement.

Singaporeans are pissed.

Usually, I’d have to cut out the comments one by one to construct a narrative.

Not this time.

Slabs upon slabs of comments, all decry the sentence. 5 years and 6 months? That’s too light a sentence for a crime as heinous as this.

Many view that Andrew Gosling, the deplorable waste of skin that he is, got off too easy.

Unfortunately, as a Netizen pointed out, that’s due to the crimes he was charged with.

Is that enough? Nope.

Is that fair? Certainly not.

Is that what we have to live with? Yes it is.

That hasn’t stopped Netizens from claiming that the sentence is so light because Andrew Gosling isn’t Singaporean.

In their view, the Australian got off easy because Singapore didn’t want to upset Australia by taking the harsh route.

Many have the perception that gone are the days when Singapore’s judicial system took shit from no man. Remember when Micheal Fay was headline news all over the world because he was caned?

Whether that statement is true or not doesn’t matter.

That’s the perception among Singaporeans and as they say, image is king.

Many are also calling for a stricter review of our hiring policies for foreign talent.

Andrew Gosling didn’t even have a job when he came here and was in the process of looking for one.

Considering that, perhaps regulations could’ve been tightened to only allow in foreigners who have already secured a job instead of letting them come in without one.

At the very least, one person would’ve been alive if it was that way.

Many also feel that the courts ignored that Andrew Gosling perpetuated a hate crime. His throwing of the bottle wasn’t an accident and it was done solely because the victim was Muslim.

While court appointed psychologists say that Andrew Gosling was drunk at the time and his racists actions weren’t representative of his true feelings, many feel that that conclusion is pure and utter bullshit.


But not all.

There’s ONE person who feels otherwise. Seriously, I’ve looked through hundreds of comments and found only one supporter of the sentence.

This bugger.

You might think this Jasmine Poh is right, perhaps justice is served.

Andrew Gosling got what’s coming to him and we should all be happy about it.

Nah uh!

Don’t be fooled into agreeing with this piece of trash.

You see, Jasmine Poh, like the murderous bastards of the CCP, support the Russia.

Maybe we should send her to Russia and have her serve in their army since she supports them so much.

If somebody so deluded and delusional supports the decision, then by principle alone, you know that Andrew Gosling deserves to be punished more.

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