SJWs Gather To Protest Death Penalty, Netizens Rage At Their Foolishness.

What’s the first thing you do when the Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed? Pretty much anything but gather at Hong Lim Park to protest a worthless cause, right? Yeah, that’d be the rational thought for normal people. If you’re one of 400+ (475 was floated) SJWs though, your first thought would probably be the exact opposite.

That’s exactly what they did.

400 of them descended upon Hong Lim Park and then held a protest for abolishing Singapore’s death penalty.

Yeah, go ahead.

You’ve earned the right to laugh at how insanely foolish that was.

Netizens weren’t shy to make their opinions known.

The protest did get the SJWs on the news but probably not with the reception they thought they would get.

Yup, they found out that Singaporeans hate them with a passion.

I cannot understate how much rage there is online for these 400 who attended the protest.

Pretty much 95% of the comments are dishing out the hate.

One Netizen even came out with a complete rebuttal for their demands.

Netizens feel that they’re protesting for a useless cause when more important ones exist and require attention.

In fact, many see the protestors are fools who’ve never been touched by the spectre of drugs. No family member who was a drug addict or involved with drugs.

Many suggest they get acquainted with those who have to wean them off protesting a stupid cause.

You see, we regular Singaporeans love the death penalty.

Can’t get enough of it actually. We don’t care other people view it as barbaric.

We all love that drug mules get what’s coming to them.

Hell, if some had it their way, they’d even extend the death penalty to other serious crimes too!

Yup, not making this up.

There’s a reason why so many Singaporeans are for the death penalty.

It’s not because we love death. Rather most of us think it’s a deserved comeuppance for offenders who smuggle in drugs.

They knew what they were in for if they got caught but they still gamble their lives.

Just one drug user can destroy many many lives. That’s why a zero tolerance policy on drug smuggling is so important.

Yet these SJWs think abolishing it would make Singapore somehow better in their eyes.

As Asians, they want us all to adopt the decadent and hedonistic western values that’s destroying western culture right now.

You know, like this example of an ang moh asshole who thinks he’s better than us Singaporeans just because he’s from the ‘civilized’ West.

Yo Mark, if you can’t stand it why not just go back to your wonderful Scotland and stay the hell away from us?

Unfortunately, Mark isn’t alone.

There are closet SJWs that also support the 400 (or hell, maybe they’re part of the turnout too!) and want the death penalty nixed as well!

Maybe there’s a deeper agenda at work here?

Is there an organized underground movement that has bigger plans beyond the protests?

One Netizen seems to think so.

That’s certainly something to mull over. Perhaps this is just the first move to follow in the footsteps of the western nations?

What’s next?

Cocaine legalized for recreational use?

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