Netizens Find CNA Survey On Landlords Dumb.

Hot on the heels of the earlier announced results, CNA unleashed another race-based survey result. This time, it’s about rental flats and whether landlords would rather rent out their property to those of their own race or others.

Not surprisingly, the results said landlords tend to rent to their own kind.

Seriously? They needed a survey to tell them that.

Many feel that CNA is certainly up to something, especially with back to back racially charged articles.

Granted, this is probably the same survey as the last one (since the sample size seems to be the same) but there is the niggling feeling that CNA is pushing an agenda here.

Singapore’s mainstream media’s not really the bastion of truth and integrity, Netizens claim.

In fact, one person who allegedly did the survey claims CNA totally misrepresented what he did.

Misrepresented or not, pretty much every Netizen pushed back at the results of the survey. Whereas the survey tried to infer that the results were racist, Netizens claim that the results are preference.

They back up that claim with a ton of reasoning on why that’s so.

Reading them, they’re totally valid and logical, with none of the mouth frothing that you’d expect from Internet commenters.

When you think about it, they really do make a ton of logical sense on why the whole thing is preference and not racism.

Personally, if I was a landlord, I’d agree with them too.

As a Muslim, a tenant that’s not of the same race can be problematic. My issues are mainly from the food viewpoint though as it’d be really tough.

Pork can’t be stored in the same fridge as Halal food. That alone is problematic as I’d need two of everything, from fridges/freezers to crockery.

That’s not because I hate other religions or races though, it’s just a matter logic.

After all, it should be up to the landlords to rent out to whoever they want.

Not everybody views it that way sadly.

For some, the results of the survey only reinforces their belief that there’s widespread racism in Singapore’s rental scene.

Everybody’s got their own opinion on this issue and a survey is unlikely to change any mind.

It’s not surprising then, that there are those who’ll pop in to take the chance to shoot at the PAP.

Like in the other survey, there are Netizens who are still adamant that the PAP government is itself racist, due to their policies.

It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, these guys won’t change their mind about their belief.

All said, the contentious survey results just pretty much boils down to one thing, which this Netizen puts into writing.

Which would you pick?

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