Mee Pok Tah, The Man Who Accused NUH Staff Of Negligence And His Wife’s Miscarriage Now Paiseh, Claims He’s Sorry For Running His Mouth And The Harm He’s Caused NUH.

This is a story about running your mouth off when you should’ve kept it shut and settled matters like an adult. By that, I mean not involving social media and trying to attract attention to what you think is an injustice. Yup, the man who claimed NUH cause his wife’s miscarriage is back on the news again. This is the story of Mee Pok Tah (or judging from his Facebook page link, Tham C Leung).

Tham C Leung made a big fuss on social media a few days ago when he claimed that NUH caused his wife to miscarriage. Instead of contacting and talking with the folks at NUH, he took to social media to play the victim card, in the guise of trying to find out the truth.

Of course, such a tragic story garnered a lot of attention and a ton of Netizens came to Tham’s defense (including us) and NUH was left fielding the heat.

How could such a tragic incident happen!? What has NUH’s staff doing all that time?! Horrible horrible hospital management!

Except it turns out Mee Pok Tah’s claims are complete bullshit.

How else can you explain this?

Mee Pok Tah ran his mouth without making sure of the facts and now he’s ‘sorry’.

For tugging on the heartstrings of people online, for causing undue stress to the people at NUH, for stirring shit up that he hadn’t verified.

He’s ‘sorry’.

Sorry no cure bro.

Why the hell did you post unverified assumptions that besmirched NUH when you had no proof? I get that your wife had a miscarriage (condolences for that) but that still didn’t excuse the damn fact you went on a social media crusade to blame NUH on matters that should‘ve been settled mana a mano.

Not happy only go to Facebook and post instead of reaching out to NUH to verify first.

This is why social media is a bane on society.

It’s all too easy to ruin somebody’s (or an organization’s) hard earned reputation with one viral post. NUH did nothing wrong, but for days they earned the (undeserved) ire and scorn of Netizens.

All because of one man who didn’t verify his claims.

Please, the next time you want to post something on social media, make sure you have the facts right and the proof to back it up.

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