‘Pro’ Singaporean Mobile Legends Players From Team OP Show Their True Racist Colors In Live Match.

Mobile games have some of the trashiest communities online. Due to their relatively low bar for entry, mobile games tend to gather the trashiest of gamers like flies to shit. Perhaps it’s also due to the fact that mobile games don’t take a lot of skill to play, which makes them real attractive to the Neanderthals among us. Case in point this bugger, ‘Ryeb’ and his teammates from Team OP Singapore.

Now, not all of them were involved in incident so there might be some white hats in the team. If that’s the case though, I suggest they speak the hell up and distance themselves from those who did, because the incoming fallout is not going to be pretty.

Apparently this ‘Ryeb’ and those Team OP ‘pros’ playing Mobile Legends with him thinks they are hot stuff because they are ‘pro’ gamers in a game.

Here’s the video of what happened.

Now I’ve met a ton of real professionals over the years, mostly from the FGC. I’ve had my ass beaten down by the very best; Daigo Umehara, our very own Xian, Sonic Fox, Justin Wong…real world class professionals.

You know what they did NOT do? Trash talk and turn racist.

These are established names who are God-tier in the gaming world, equivalent to superstars like Christiano Ronaldo or The Rock. Yet, they’re also some of the most down to earth people I’ve ever met.

No airs about them, no ‘I’m better than you n00b’ kind of thinking. Definitely no ‘Your God sucks’ thoughts!

Yet, this insignificant speck of a player called ‘Ryeb’ (and apparently a couple of others from the same team), thinks he has the damn right to denigrate and look down upon Malaysians and their religion.

Team OP

It’s fine to trash talk at times but you DO NOT cross the damn line and insult somebody’s religion. Just because you’re insecure, racist pieces of shit doesn’t give you all the right to air your stupid, intolerant views for the world to see.

Due to this incident, Team OP’s Facebook page has been swamped with furious players, from Singapore, Malaysia and beyond. All of them are braying for blood, calling for the team to be banned.

Some of them that are from Singapore even claim they’re filing police reports over the incident.

So what does management at the team do during this firestorm?

Team OP

We are looking into it.



There’s video footage, there’s a live audience who saw the stream and all they can say is ‘We are looking into it.’

…and that was YESTERDAY morning.

Until now, there’s been no response. This is ‘Pritam Singh going MIA when Raeesah Khan got caught lying’ type of denial. Burying your heads in the damn sand doesn’t work you guys.

How long does it take to ‘investigate’ when all the facts and proof are right there in the open?

Team OP’s management better get their shit together and come up with a response and what measures they’ve taken to address the issue because this controversy is not going away anytime soon.

If it was me, I’d cut my losses and release the racists. That would be smart choice.

…but then if they were smart, they wouldn’t have signed on racists in the first place.

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