Smart Guy Claims Rolls Royce Can Squeeze Through BMW Gap, Driver Just Too Hum Chi To Do It.

In case you’ve missed it, Seng Poh Road in Tiong Bahru obtained notoriety a couple of days ago when a Rolls Royce blocked a cramped road. The driver claimed he couldn’t move forward because that there was a BMW that jutted out too much from its parking position.

Singaporeans are like lemmings; stupid things get the biggest attention. Who would’ve thought that a parking issue would cause so much ‘debate’ online?

Since the Rolls Royce is a monster of a car, there wasn’t enough space for it to go through.

Lots of teeth were gnashed, abuses hurled by online commentors. Everybody dumped on the driver for his perceived shitty excuses.

Then yesterday, things took on a new twist.

An image circulated online which seemingly showed things from the driver of the Rolls Royce’s perspective. It seemingly showed that the BMW was blocking the road too much.

…or was it?

This dude (who claims he’s a professional photographer and trained in mechanical engineering) took it upon himself to use the powers of photography and math to solve it.

Using photos from the scene as reference, Bosco (that’s what the dude is called) did some estimation from data available online and found out the truth.

Or rather the truth from what his guesstimation of the details were.


If Bosco is right, that means that the driver of the Rolls Royce could’ve easily gone through. 30cm is a LOT of clearance. He just wasn’t man enough (or was too lazy) to try.

Bosco claims the appearance that the BMW was jutting too far out was a visual illusion, known as a Ponzo Illusion.

The illusion is basically explained as objects far away appear bigger than objects overhead, because the far away object is ‘on’ the horizon.

Whether Bosco is right or not, I have no idea (I’m bad at Maths) but at least the dude tried to give us all the closure we all want and a scapegoat we can blame.

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