Indian Guy Rants About Racism, Gets Shut Down By Netizens.

Racism in Singapore is unfortunately a thing. There’s no avoiding it. Despite the best efforts of the authorities to stamp it out, it still holds sway in many hearts, especially the elderly. Even right now, there’s a simmering hatred of foreign Indian nationals due to the perceived notion that they’re abusing CECA to bring their kith and kin to Singapore.

Ask any Singaporean and they’ll easily point out the situation at specific condos in Singapore, where Indian foreign talent have set up shop and tried to turn them into racial enclaves for their (as in India Indians) kind.

That’s not the subject we’re here to talk about today though…Nope, today, it’s this.

An idiot Redditor by the name of Sharkwizard19 went on his soapbox and tried to call out racism towards his kind.

…and other Redditors pushed back.

I mean it’s not hard to see why.

His entire rant sounds like the thoughts of somebody who’s butthurt because he’s Indian.

He makes general assumptions about people (with no proof or sources to back up his claim) and then tries to spin a anecdote about being approached at NTUC for a face whitening mask by a sales rep.

Let me tell you a secret bro…that’s their damn job.

I’m fair skinned (I’ve always been mistaken for a Chinese) but even I get approached by sales reps all the damn time for this or that. Yes, even facial whitening masks and other related products.

It’s bullshit to call that out as an act of racism when there’s a perfectly good explanation it’s not.

Then there’s the part about being racists to Bangladeshis and dark skinned Indians?

Hell, it’s the opposite…and the people on Reddit know that too!

I’ve seen Singaporeans go out of their damn way to treat our hard working Bangladeshi friends well.

PHV and taxi drivers always have something nice to say about them.

A couple of my close friends from NS and reservist are Indian, dark skinned and light skinned. I’ve never heard them complain about racism at all…and we used to bitch and moan about everything.

If anything, there’s a negative view in Singapore about the North Indians.

You know, the lighter skinned ones.

They’re the ones that I’ve heard horror stories about. Stories about their arrogance, about how they look down upon lowly Singaporeans because they view themselves as superior. Again, as the PHV and taxi drivers. They’ll tell you some truly horrible tales, I guarantee you.

I’ve not once heard a Bangladeshi or South Indian act that way.

So yeah, there’s racism in Singapore but it’s from the vocal (shitty) minority who are racists. Even then, to say Bangladeshis are being singled out is a bit of a stretch.

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