Dancing Security Guard Will Get You Ready For The Weekend

Being a security guard is hard work.

Not only do security guards have to keep the riffraff out and maintain order, they also have to deal with crap like belligerent people and the like. That’s why they have a reputation of being serious, fierce and stoic. It’s in their interest to cultivate that image.

After all, who’s going to respect a guard who’s a clown?

That doesn’t mean that they don’t have fun when they’re behind closed doors!

One of them really knows how to party.

A TikTok user called Subariponidi127 (who goes by SG Zul) shows us that during breaks, a security guard is just as human as all of us…and that human wants nothing more than to party his butt off.

It’s a damn corny (and strangely hypnotic) video, but it’s also one that’s positively unabashed about how much fun the guard is having. Nothing to worry about, just dancing like that weird (but lovable) uncle in your family.

So be like SG Zul. Emulate his attitude.

Enjoy your life, dance like it’s your last dance. Absorb the good vibes from the video and take it with you as you head off into the glorious weekend ahead!

If that’s not enough, take a look at SG Zul’s other videos too! They’re just as weird and wacky recordings of him in his office. I don’t know who you SG Zul, but thanks for bringing some joy to use with your videos!

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