Why Fighting For Ukraine Is Not The Best Thing You Can Do.

The war between Russia and Ukraine is galling, there’s no two ways around it. Russia invading Ukraine without a justifiable cause, is at its most basic level, wrong. It’s an act of evil. Fighting for Ukraine is the right thing to do then!

Things are not supposed to be this way, at least not in the 21st century. Nations are supposed to settle things on the diplomatic stage, not invade each other like it’s 1917 all over again!

Understandably, Singaporeans (and most of the world really) have not been happy with the Russian bullying. A great injustice has been done and Ukraine’s plight has been well documented all over the internet and social media.

Over the past weeks, scenes of pitiful refugees (some with pets) thronging trains, civilians being injured or killed and needless destruction have been splayed across our screens. When Ukraine sounded the clarion call for aid to battle the Russian invaders then, it’s no wonder that many will answer the call.

Honestly, many have.

Online reports have multiple individuals from nations all around the world travelling to Ukraine on their own dime, to help fight for the country. Singaporeans too have inquired at the Ukrainian embassy here on how they can do so, despite the government saying it’s illegal to do so.

While it might be painful to hear, it is for the very best in the long run.

It might not seem like it but the best way to help the Ukrainians isn’t via manpower.

They have tons of that already.

Nope, the best way you can do that is to donate to relief organizations like the Red Cross and other similar agencies. There’s a massive humanitarian crisis that’s growing day by day as millions of Ukrainian refugees flee the country.

Countries neighbouring Ukraine are straining at the influx, despite their best efforts. It’s only a matter of time before they too start to feel the brunt. Taking in refugees is noble and good, but there’s a high price to be paid for their upkeep.

Food, shelter, medical aid…all those cost money and even the best of intentions still amount to nothing without the cash to back it up. That’s why instead of joining the fight (where you’ll probably be doing more harm than good anyway), you should be donating.

CNBC has compiled a great list of reputable charities you can donate to, from those focused on housing, to religion. In that list, you can find a ton of charities, each with their own specific focus, to donate to.

It’s a great resource, even though it’s mainly American charities that are listed. Then again, help is help, no matter where it’s coming from, right?

Instead of rushing off to fight and potentially dying, support Ukraine with your wallet.

You’ll make much more of a difference than a bullet will ever do and you won’t have to risk your life or live with the fact that you killed another human.

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