Should Spottiswoode Condo Killer Andrew Gosling Be Judged As A Racist?

In 2019, Andrew Gosling threw a bottle of wine down from the seventh-floor landing of Spottiswoode Condo at a group of Muslim having a barbeque in a common area several floors below.

It hit the head of a man and injured the arm of his wife. The man, Nasiaree Sunee, later died, while his wife had to have her arm in a sling for months.

Gosling, who was drunk at the time, shouted racist vulgarities as he scurried back to his unit after throwing the bottle. When the police showed up to investigate, he even lied and pretended to have no idea about the incident. It was only later, when he realized that the bottle had his fingerprints did he turn himself in.

Read that and let it sink it for a moment.

Nope, it wasn’t guilt or his conscience that finally got to him. It was cold logic that drove him to confess, probably so that he could argue he went to the cops voluntarily.

If he thought for a moment he could’ve gotten away with it all, he’d probably be hiding to this day.

Court appointed psychologists say that he wasn’t in his right mind during the Spottiswoode condo incident, and that his racist vulgarities and actions were all due to him being drunk.

He didn’t mean to do those things, he wasn’t a racist at heart.

Does that absolve him of the act though? Sure, he was drunk at the time but that’s not a damn excuse.

It’s said that being drunk just brings one’s innermost thoughts to the surface. The smart people are divided on this, with some saying it’s true, while others saying that’s bullshit.

So what to do?

Muslims are feeling real anger over it though, despite what psychologists say.

There’s a post on Suara Melayu Singapura that talks about it.

While it hasn’t blown up or gone viral, it does offer an insight on what Muslims are thinking. With zero replies arguing against that judgement, it does seem like many Muslims see it as a racially motivated act, despite psychological testimony.

The fact that he’s a foreigner also irks some people…especially as how we’ve seen some get lenient treatment just for being of a different nationality.

I don’t know if Andrew Gosling is truly racist…but I do subscribe to the theory that being drunk does make you do stupid, stupid things.

As a Muslim, I don’t have practical experience (so I don’t know if it does make you reveal your innermost thoughts) but since we do hold drunk drivers accountable for their actions, shouldn’t that be the case here?

I don’t mean the murder part…I mean the targeting of Muslims and shouting racist vulgarities. You don’t see other drunks lashing out and killing people do you?

We’ll see what the judge thinks when the sentence is handed out April 8.

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