Ang Moh Get Free Pass – TikToker Angry Because Condo Security Made Her Wear Mask But Ignored Maskless Caucasians.

Some Asians have an inferiority complex. They think that the White Man is superior. Through brainwashing, the media and whatever else, some Asians have this perceived notion that Ang Moh are better than us, thus deserve bootlicking and kowtowing.

It’s especially true for the older generations, who grew up influenced by British Colonialism.

While the British have long scurried back to the United Kingdom, the attitude that some Caucasians deserve more respect is still prevalent in the older folks.

Case in point.

Posted by TikTok user workingwithmonolids, the video showed her arguing with a condo’s security guard. According to her, she was at a friend’s condo at 95 Grange Road (which would make this the Grange Residences condo), with both her and her friend’s kids cycling near the pool.

Apparently that triggered the security guard on duty, who approached her and told her that the kids should be masked up.

Never mind that they were 2 years old.

Never mind that they were exercising.

They still needed to mask up, according to the guard.

All this in plain view of Ang Moh who were not wearing masks of any sort. They also weren’t exercising or doing anything strenuous.

When she stood her ground and pointed out his hypocrisy, the guard got angry, and told her to just comply before storming off. He didn’t do anything about the maskless white people obviously.

What sort of racist policy is this? Pick on Asians but leave the Whities out of it?

Why is she being targeted while other people are obviously breaking the same rule?

Is it because the security guard knew that she wasn’t a resident so he felt empowered to pick on her?

Makes you wonder why the guard is so emboldened to do something like that, doesn’t it? Could the condo’s management be endorsing the policy? workingwithmonolids seems to think so.

If they are, that makes it even worse!

Whatever it is, the fact of the matter is that the actions of the security guard is wrong. If management is complicit, then the authorities need to get involved and do something about it.

Racism is wrong in any shape and form and to be subject to it in one’s own country is even worse!

What are we…Americans?

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