Subhas Nair Pleading Guilty Has Netizens At Arms With Each Other.

Rapper (Wannabe?) Subhas Nair is back in the news again after it’s revealed that he’s going to plead Guilty to the charges arrayed against him. He’s alleged to have incited hurt feelings against the Chinese and also for breaching the terms of his earlier sentence.

So yeah, for those two transgressions, he’s (probably) going to jail for a while.

Despite the charges against him being pretty serious (they’re offshoots of a racism charge), some Singaporeans claim to have no idea of who he is.

Whether that’s just a jab at how unknown he is, or whether he’s really a mystery to the average Singaporean, I have no idea.

Personally speaking, I had to reread up on him again to remind myself who he is. It’s entirely plausible, that the majority of the public really has no idea who he is.

His unknown status notwithstanding, Subhas apparently has a pretty decent following because some Netizens actually agree with his methods.

Disgruntled and disillusioned by what they view as Chinese privilege, Subhas’ supporters claim he’s speaking the truth to power and being targeted because of it. Particularly this one Indian dude, who I don’t even think is a Singaporean (despite his claims to be one).

You’d expect these supporters to be from the minority races (and some are) but there are quite a few Chinese supporters too.

A couple even point out his alleged offences regarding some Chinese Christians, with them saying those people got off free and easy despite their racial offenses.

Among Subhas’ supporters are those SJWs and the woke, who think they’re better than everybody else. Needless to say, their arrogance and superiority complex make their comments hard to relate with.

Subhas’ detractors though, want him taken down a peg. They’re advocating a range of punishment for him, though that’s mostly of the jail variety. Some advocate jailing him for years, which seems a bit extreme.

A few view Subhas as not being remorseful at all, as he was already under probation for previous offences. They view Subhas as being stubborn and unrepentant, willfully going against the law just to stir up racial sentiments.

What the proponents of Subhas Nair being punished seem to want though is his sister Preetipls being taken to task too.

Most view her as another troublemaker and want her to be punished alongside her brother for her past transgressions too.

All this is just the tip of the iceberg though…I suspect we’ll get a fairer picture of what Netizens think about this once Subhas’ sentence has been handed down.

I doubt that we’ll be waiting long.

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