Calvin Cheng Weighs In On The Government VS The WP Leadership Saga.

It’s just one more day to Budget 2022. By right, that’s what everybody should be talking about. Should be. We’re not though, because we’re all still hooked on the Government vs the WP leadership saga. Seems like Calvin Cheng is too!

I’ve gone on and talked about this in previous posts, but there’s an immense divide online between Netizens and what they think is right. While most agree on one thing (that Raeesah Khan should be punished), Netizens are divided down the line on the political fallout for Pritam Singh, Faizal Manap and Sylvia Lim.

Now Calvin Cheng’s jumped into the fray, feet first, to give his thoughts.

While many will undoubtedly see this as an ex-PAP party member expressing solidarity with his former peers, it should be said that Calvin Cheng has at times gone against the party line.

From a neutral point of view, he does make a couple of good points on the whole saga. Being an ex-NMP Cheng has undoubtedly more insight into this sort of thing than most of us ordinary folk.

His statement brings with it logic as well, something most rabid supporters of either camp lack.

Of particular interest is his claim that the continued persecution of Pritam and his cohorts by the PAP is risky. I’ve honestly never seen it that way before and it’s certainly opened my mind up. In retrospect, it is a huge gamble for the government.

Like Calvin said, if the courts find Pritam and Faizal innocent, that may actually turn the tide for the opposition to gain the majority in the next elections.

Remember, the PAP only won by 61.24% in the 2020 General Elections. That might seem like a fair majority, but all it takes is for the opposition to gain just 11.25% the next time around.

I do agree though with Calvin that it is the right thing for the Government to do. Wholeheartedly.

Supporters of the WP might call it a witch hunt by the powers that be (and maybe it is) but I’d like there to be ZERO doubts on the whole thing…and that can only come about by a ruling from a court of law.

If Pritam and Faizal or any of the WP leadership had done wrong in the Raeesah Khan fiasco, they should be brought up on charges…even if it’s not politically expedient thing to do, as Cheng puts it.

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