Netizens Mostly United In Their Rage at Raeesah Khan And WP Leadership.

The Raeesah Khan lying through her teeth in parliament saga finally hit its climax today with the revelation of what punishment awaits the liar.

Let’s be frank here, yeah? That ‘untruths’ bullshit won’t fly here. She flat up made up a story and lied. With that, every part of her story is suspect and many Netizens feel similarly.

So what’s the verdict?

She’s to be fined SG$35,000.

Suffice to say, it’s definitely not what a lot of Singaporeans were expecting, and it didn’t sit well with anybody.

Netizens quickly took to various Facebook posts to lament how weak the punishment was compared to the severity of the transgressions (such as her accusations against the Singapore Police Force) and her repeatedly telling her ‘untruths’.


A fine, especially a paltry one of SG$35,000 is nothing for an MP, especially one with a rich father who might just decide he’ll foot her bill. Papa Khan (who also tried to run for president in the past) is a probable multi-millionaire and that SG$35,000 is just chump change to him.

Netizens are livid that’s the case, with many making similar observations like I did.

A stiffer sentence, such jailtime and a lifetime ban from ever holding any sort of office was what many were expecting and to get a verdict that doesn’t even involve either is a massive injustice to many who hold Singapore’s government in high regards.

Coupled with the limp wristed bombshell is the revelation that WP Leader Pritam Singh and vice-chair Faisal Manap will both be getting their own investigations done by the public prosecutor for allegedly telling Raeesah Khan to maintain her lies over multiple meetings.

There’s a massive backlash regarding this, with many supporters of the WP livid that Pritam Singh has been caught in such a compromising situation.

Many feel that Singh has demonstrated qualities unbecoming of a leader, much less one at the head of the major opposition party in Singapore, and that he should face censure.

Of course, like any political figure, Pritam has his diehards too.

These guys are unwilling to even entertain that their messiah can do any wrong and vehemently defend Singh.

Sylvia Lim, the only other prominent WP figure that was involved in the investigation, hasn’t had any accusations levied against her yet, though word is that might be coming once Singh’s and Manap’s cases are done.

That hasn’t stopped the supporters of the WP from accusing her to be a turncoat, a lapdog of the PAP and much more.

There are those that support the WP that see Sylvia Lim as the last bastion of hope in the darkness. With Singh and Manap under fierce scrutiny, Lim has thus far avoided being lumped with them as a potential collaborator, at least in the eyes of those who comment online.

Other than those braying at the unjustly light fine for Raeesah Khan and the potential downfall of most of the WP leadership, most Netizens are of the view that all this is just a distraction to the main event; the upcoming raising of the GST for Budget 2022.

They view the whole proceedings as a waste of time and money (I’m inclined to agree, especially with that fine) and that the government and its ministers should be focusing on helping the people now more than ever.

While I agree that there’s never a good time to raise GST, it is pretty much inevitable as the cost of goods and services in the world rises and inflation comes into play. Those that think it’s a ploy by the government to bilk out more cash from the citizens need to read up on their economics.

Of course, there’s the usual ‘PAP is going on a witch hunt to weaken the opposition’ posts but those are weirdly in the minority compared to the GST ones.

Then there’s this really weird post from a PAP diehard that defends them and make it as if they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread!

Looks like something completely ripped from North Korea or China, yeah?

Hell, there’s this lone pathetic racist post made by a troll account that tries to make it about race. Too bad for him nobody bit.

Whatever the stance though, Netizens are united in one thing. All of them think that Raeesah Khan deserve all the hate.

I couldn’t agree more.

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