Malay Stereotypes Aren’t Going Away Because Idiots Like These Keep Perpetuating Them.

There are a ton of stereotypes surrounding Malays. That we’re dumb. That we’re lazy. That we’re crass. Unfortunately, for most of us who aren’t those, the Malay stereotypes exist for a reason.

There really are people that them fit perfectly.

These are the dregs of Malay society. The very bottom rung that keeps those of us striving to be better from climbing higher and reaching for the stars.

These leeches embrace their lot in life as freeloaders, are unapologetic about their despicable behaviour, never try to be better than what they are and amount to as much in life as a doorstopper.

Here are a couple of them, courtesy of Stomp.

When other races make derisive comments about Malays, these are the scum that they’re referring to.

As a civilized member of Singaporean society, it sickens me immensely that there are people of my own race like this. I’m literally raging as I type this. My contempt for them and their ilk is indescribable.

I will bet you anything that these asshats are of the low income variety because Malays with education and who are properly brought up do not act like this. It is simply not done. One does not act like a damn hooligan if one has been taught otherwise by loving parents who know right from wrong.

I don’t want to think otherwise because it’d be too depressing. If these fools are educated, raised right and still turned out this way, then perhaps we are doomed.

I sincerely hope that the police tracks down these degenerates and charge them with harassing the poor bus driver, being a public nuisances and their obvious flouting of Covid-19 laws.

Throw the damn book at them. Make an example of these people. The whole Malay community will welcome it because we hate Malay stereotypes (and those who represent them) as much as anybody else in Singapore.

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