Muslim Karen Gets Offended With Old Chang Kee’s Usage of Bak Kwa, Gets Slammed By Netizens.

Old Chang Kee is pretty much a household name for Singaporeans. I guarantee that at least one person in every household’s eaten something from the store at one time or another. Despite its Chinese name, Old Chang Kee is Halal, which is awesome for us Muslims. By association, anything produced is Halal, even if it uses a Cantonese word like Bak Kwa.

Simple and easy to understand right?

…that is unless you’re Muslim Karen.

According to Muslim Karen, since Old Chang Kee’s Halal certified, it has no right using the word Bak Kwa (which Muslim Karen associates with pork) to promote its food.

How self-righteous can you be?

Old Chang Kee has to bend its knee to her just because she finds it (in her words) ‘majorly irritating’.

Well la-dee-freaking-dah.

We got ourselves a miss hoity toity here amigos.

Just because she’s too uptight to understand what Bak Kwa means, everybody has to consider her feelings. Just because she associates the word with pork, she thinks it’s Old Chang Kee at fault.

Thankfully, the post was seen by other Muslims who took her to task about her ignorance.

That’d be the end of it…except Muslim Karen didn’t let it rest.

She went all paggro on people.

Muslim Karen keeps on harping about Bak Kwa being associated with pork, despite it being a non-issue for pretty much most Muslims out there. She wants Old Chang Kee to use a different word, casually ignoring the fact that Bak Kwa’s been associated with dried meat for decades.

Honestly, do you really expect a Halal-certified outlet to be selling pork? It boggles the mind how somebody can be so damn stupid. What does she think MUIS is?

Come on la, what we have here is an overinflated sense of self-entitlement that makes Muslims look bad. Who cares what the food is called?

Nowhere in the Quran does it state that words can make food not Halal. So why the fuss?

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