Hong Kong’s Culling of Hamsters Is A Prime Example Of Why I Hate China.

I’ll never forgive China for unleashing Covid-19 upon the world. It’s a statement that I figure a ton of other people will agree with. Due to China’s negligence, ignorance, denials and hemming and hawing, the virus escaped Wuhan and turned what could’ve been a simple quarantine saga into a years-long pandemic.

That was in the waning months of 2019. It’s now 2022 and despite optimistic projections from analysts, the end is nowhere near in sight.

China, the country that screwed us all, has been ironically trying to adopt a zero Covid-19 policy for itself. It’s not working at all but that hasn’t stopped the CCP from adopting draconian measures and imposing them onto its citizens whenever a small outbreak occurs.

The latest one? Hong Kong’s hamster controversy.

Apparently, Covid-19’s been detected in a small batch of hamsters from a local pet store. The hamsters have apparently infected one of the workers from the store and local authorities are anticipating more cases to stem from them.

Their solution? Kill every single hamster from that pet store chain. That means about 2000 animals are to be put to the death for no fault of their own.

Wait, Hong Kong’s got its own government you say.

Well, yes…technically.

However, the Hong Kong riots about democracy in the past has shown that it’s pretty much a puppet of the CCP. Nothing gets done without the approval of the CCP, which stands to reason they’re behind this as well.

China and its unhealthy disregard for humans has been readily evident (look at how they treated the Uighurs and the doctor who tried to warn the world about Covid-19) but to see the administration apply that same disregard to animal lives is simply chilling.

Even worse, the culling is a knee jerk reaction in the name of staving off an infection wave.

There’s obviously been very little thought behind this as there are a ton of other ways this situation can be resolved with minimal loss of life.

Ever heard of a quarantine?

As Covid-19 victims know, the virus eventually dies off and victims get well after. Why the hell aren’t Hong Kong authorities giving the hamsters the same chance?

Going by their logic, shouldn’t humans who get infected with Covid-19 be culled as well?

As an animal lover, the needless loss of any animal life is something to be avoided. China’s disregard for it is another reason why I’ll hate the country for as long as I breathe.

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