Racists Defend NTU And Its Lack Of Halal Food Courts.

Remember when Muslims complained about NTU and how it’s sorely lacking in Halal offerings at its multiple food courts last year? Well, recently major news outlets finally picked up on it (took you guys long enough…slow much?) and brought the discussion to the mainstream. Racists of course, took notice.

It sparked a healthy debate…until it wasn’t healthy no more.

Yup, that’s right. Racists started to pop out of the woodwork to chime in with their unwanted opinions.

Here’s a choice reply.



How many of ‘them’.

This Jonathan Wee bugger can’t even give a name of the people who are asking for some consideration. Yo asshole, they’re called Muslims. The idiot even goes on to insinuate that Muslims should to go to ITE because that’s apparently the place for them?

Superiority complex much?

I suppose then Jonathan Wee should be sent to China permanently. After all, mixing with his inferiors’ not doing him any good. Might as well send him back to the Motherland to suckle on the teat of the CCP.

Here’s another one.


What kind of dumbass thinks this way? This kind of people and this type of community? You can’t even say the word Muslims? Is it anathema to your racist tongue?

Singapore might be secular but this idiot apparently doesn’t have the slightest idea who she belonged to before the British came. Why do you think there are special dispensations BY LAW for Muslims and not other races?

Here’s a hint: What’s the language of the National Anthem? Is it Mandarin? Tamil? Tagalog?

Also, when the hell are those complaining about the lack of Halal food at NTU suggesting that they’d want Singapore to be like Indonesia or Malaysia?

Hell, I bet you a ton of Muslims will NEVER want that to happen either.

Just because Muslims are asking for some consideration on Halal food doesn’t mean they prefer Muslim countries! By that same line of thought, all Chinese are in love with China and want the CCP to invade us all! Chinese eat chinese food, so that MUST be true. Glory be to the great Pooh!

Also, why do these two racists have dog pictures as their profile pics? Are they saying they’re both bitches? That’s definitely a statement I agree with.

Let’s move on to another.


This one…I’m speechless about this one.

I don’t know whether it’s stupidity, ignorance or what but this Jimmy Lam casually suggests that Muslims eat non-Halal food. Just like that.

So easy.

Why not right?

Break one of the tenets of Islam because it’s ‘cultural enrichment’.

Even kids in Primary school understand that for Muslims, eating non-Halal food is forbidden. It is ‘haram’. It is one of the greatest sins in Islam.

Yet, Jimmy Lam advocates that because he is an ignoramus…maybe not so much a racist but certainly a fool.

Finally, here’s the best one.


Mikey I admire. Unlike other racists, he has a profile pic. It might not be his profile pic, but hey, at least it’s not a picture of dogs or a quote.

Mikey’s line of thinking though? That’s not something to be admired.

Dear Mikey, isn’t a school supposed to cater to the needs of its students? As an institute of learning, isn’t it on the school to assist students in any way so that they can do the thing they’re there for?

You know…studying?

Can students concentrate on that when they’re busy running around like cockroaches trying to get a bite to eat in-between lectures?

What does NTU’s exams have anything to do with the Muslims wanting Halal food? Has NTU now changed its name to the School of Hard Knocks? In that case, why offer food to anybody? Life’s hard, it’s tough…so no need to help.

Surely if the Muslims don’t deserve to eat, the rest of the students don’t too. It’s just logical!

Or are you advocating making it harder for Muslims only?

Guess what? That makes you a damn racist!

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