The Red Swastika School Incident: Netizens Want Justice, Furious At Chan Chun Sing For Inaction.

There have always been entitled assholes who think that the universe revolves around them. In the past, you rarely hear about them because of the lack on smartphones and other readily available recording devices. That’s no longer the case now where everybody (and even pets!) have recording devices handily available to be whipped out at a moment’s notice. Here’s one such incident that just happened recently at the Red Swastika School.

The driver of the car (apparently a Bentley), tried to force his way into the school. Apparently, the asshole had decided that queues don’t apply to assholes like him and just blatantly cut the long line of cars waiting to enter the school to drive right up to the main school gate.

The asshole, obviously emboldened by a lifetime of being pampered by Yes-men and inadequate parents, attempts to drive right in, even when blocked by an elderly security guard.

Being told no and ignoring that is one thing.

To willingly endanger another human life because you can’t comprehend simple English is another. Worse, that human life is that of an elderly man. Do you think the driver would offer anything in recompense if anything happened to the security guard because of him?

Hell no. The fool would probably lawyer up and try to pin everything on the elderly man judging from his actions!

Netizens are furious at how somebody with a healthy disregard for human life and school regulations is still not facing justice.

Can you honestly blame them? How can somebody watch the video and not want justice for the poor old man and to see the driver gets his just desserts?

All the hubbub’s even gotten the attention of Chan Chun Sing, the Minister for Education.

All well and good, it’s great to see ministers being on the ball about what Singaporeans on the ground are griping about.

However, what’s getting Netizens pissed off is why there’s a need to adopt a wait and see attitude of making a police report!

There’s clear evidence of the Bentley breaking multiple laws, not the least of which is recklessly endangering that security guard who’s just doing his job.

Netizens aren’t shy of calling Chan Chun Sing out on that.

Thankfully, somebody else has stepped up for the poor Red Swastika School security guard; his union.

Word is they’ve made a police report and investigations are already underway.

That’s great news yeah?

Now all we need to do is wait and see what happens to that asshole in the Bentley.

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