I Pity The Kids Growing Up In The Pandemic.

Thanks to China, the Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged the world for nearly 3 years now. It’s been hard for everybody; for those who’ve lost loved ones, for those who are suffering from long Covid, for those who’ve lost jobs and more. We don’t think of putting kids on that list but perhaps we should…After all, they’ve losing something most of us took for granted when we were younger; childhood.

Growing up in the 90s, I’d like to think I had an awesome childhood. My family wasn’t right but we did alright. We had an awesome neighbour, and they had a kid my age. We practically grew up together right until the early 2000s when they moved away.

Before that though, we had great times. We’d play together outside our houses nearly daily after primary school, we’d meet up with the other neighbourhood kids to play badminton or just fool around at the playground. It was an idyllic time and looking back, it was really damn great.

Now fast forward to kids now.

Covid-19 has made just hanging out with friends a pain in the damn ass. Parents now worry even more because who knows if the friends are infected? Plus, ever tried playing catching or hide and seek while wearing a mask? I did…once. Never again.

I know if I was a parent, I’d not want my kids out of the house unless they have to be. Visiting their friend’s house? Forget about it. Playing at the playground with their friends? Hell no.

So where does leave kids?

Stuck at home, glued to their tablets, PCs, smartphones and consoles. That’s no way for a child to grow up. As long as the pandemic goes on, more and more kids are going to see their childhood go up in flames when they should be spending these days being free and playing with friends.

It’s weird of me to say this but I really long for the day when I can hear and see kids running around freely. The sounds of a football being kicked around at void decks (which was something of an annoyance in the past) will be damn sweet after the silence for so long.

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