Boosters Are Probably Going To Be A Regular Thing.

I used to be deathly afraid of injections. Boosters, or just plain old vaccines, I feared them all! In primary school, I remember falling sick the night before a jab because I was thinking of it so much over the weekend. Then something happened…I got over it.

I once got 5 injections in a day (left arm, right arm, butt) because I cut myself trying to catch a katana. That’s not including the anesthetic jabs to the hand while the doc was sewing me back up.

Since then…my fear of getting jabbed literally vanished.

While I still can’t look at myself getting jabbed, the fear and anxiety of getting one is gone. Going for the Covid-19 jabs (and the booster just last week), made me realize that while I’m not dreading the jabs now, I’m dreading what comes after.

My body’s reaction.

I don’t suffer from the major side effects but every single time I’ve gotten the jab, the next few days means I’ll be down with fever…which sucks a ton, as anybody will know.

With the possibility that boosters may become a regular thing (Israel is already testing the second booster shot with its frontline workers), that probably means I’ll be getting a damn fever every few months! That’s definitely not going to be fun.

On the flipside, if that’s what it takes for the world to get back to normal, it’s a price I’m (and I think many of us) are willing to pay.

A little pain for a reduced chance to suffer serious ill effects from whatever new variant emerges? That’s a fair price to pay right?

Here’s just hoping something new doesn’t come along that invalidates all the vaccines…or else we’d probably be back at Square One again.

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