Netizens Go Nuts Debating Whether Unvaccinated Should Be Allowed To Return To Office.

With working from home having been the standard for most of this year (and last), you’d think that companies would be taking steps to make it a more permanent arrangement, wouldn’t you? Why would you force your workers to return to office if there’s no discernible difference in performance?

Yes, there are entire industries that need workers in their offices for multiple reasons. Could be because of security concerns, specialized equipment or a number of other factors. That’s unavoidable.

Conversely there are also a ton of other industries that workers can easily do their jobs from home without it impacting their work in the slightest. The only reason they have to be in the office is because of management’s archaic thinking that somehow being at home doesn’t mean the worker is working.

Ok maybe I’m rambling, but the fact of the matter is that some people might not be able to return to office. A new government directive states that the unvaccinated cannot return to office if they’ve not taken a shot by Jan 15 2022.

That lit a fuse under both who are for and against the ruling. Yeah, haven’t you heard? Netizens are a vocal lot.

The yeas supported their agreement with a ton of reasons.

The greater good. We’re just following suit after other nations. Unvaxed people put not only themselves at risk, but everybody around them too.

Logical, persuasive reasons. Even from a neutral standpoint, those are pretty airtight. They’re not saying it to just target the unvaxed for no reason.

Then there are the super hardcore among them; those who are questioning why the government hasn’t made vaccinations mandatory.

Those against mandatory vaccinations retort that that’s a choice the government shouldn’t be taking away from individuals. I kind of agree with them but also agree that maybe mandatory vaccinations (for those eligible but refuse to do so) should be mandated too.

The reasoning maybe be logical, but humans are (sadly) not emotionless creatures.

Even in the presence of cold hard fact and logic, there are those who still let their emotions rule their way of thinking.

These are the naysayers.

The reasons they give for being against the ruling?

Mostly those based on emotion or political viewpoints. The government is overstepping its bounds. It’s not right. All morality and emotionally charged reasons. I’m not saying that they’re wrong, but putting emotion or political leanings first might not be the best way forward.

Then there’s a third bloc that goes against both logic and emotion.

These guys choose instead to believe in the crazy.

Yep, the conspiracy nuts.

Conspiracies being floated online are as wild as you’d find anywhere in the world.

The government is in league with Big Pharma. Ministers are corrupt. It’s all a plan concocted by those in power.

You’d think that most people would be smarter than this but one thing I’ve discovered is that people never fail to disappoint.

Whether the decision to ban the unvaxed from working is right or wrong, I think this poster highlights the case for vaccination very nicely.

return to office

Wait…what about the rabid anti-vaxers?

The hardcore who think that the vaccines are just scams and the usual laundry list of reasons for rejecting the jabs. It’s nothing that we’ve not heard before, but the looming threat of not being able to work has put an underlying air of desperation to their ranting.

At least one of them seems to be planning on running away.

return to office

A mass exodus seems unlikely, considering how hard it is to secure jobs overseas, especially in a pandemic. Panic’s definitely setting in though and I was definitely feeling it no matter which anti-vaxer group post I was reading through on Telegram.

Still, there are a fiery view who view the mandate as a legal challenge they can overcome. To that effect, they are taking it to the courts with a lawsuit.

return to office

They’re asking for donations for that so you can probably guess how it’s going to go down in the courtroom next year. Not putting them down or anything but going up against the government with their nigh endless coffers and army of lawyers, isn’t going to be a cheap or easy win.

Without funding, that’s definitely going to be a challenge (unless they get good lawyers willing to do pro bono work of course).

Lawsuits and migrating aside, there are some seriously stupid comments on the anti-vaxer groups.

Here’s one of them.

return to office

I don’t even know what to say about this. SERIOUSLY?

How the hell are you going to convince the rest of us into respecting your choice when you have people spouting nonsense like this?


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