Is It Too Soon To Vaccinate Kids?

I’m a proponent of vaccination. I believe to beat Covid-19, we’re all going to have to vaccinate and be vaccinated, then boosted by however many booster shots is needed to get a grip on the whole pandemic. Now it’s time for kids to get their shots.

Despite that, some parents are wondering if it’s a mite too soon to vaccinate kids.

I’m not a parent so I can’t completely relate to them.


I do wonder though if Omicron has unnecessarily lit a fire under the authorities to ramp up their vaccination efforts?

Omicron’s bursting onto the international stage has thrown a wrench into the plans of pretty much every country on Earth. There’s still a ton we don’t know about the variant and understandably, anxiety among the populace is rising.


Now, there are very good reasons for vaccinating kids.

It’s so they won’t suffer any serious complications from the disease. It’s also to cut down on them transmitting the virus to people who may die from it. Even it is just one life, that’s already a good enough reason.

So the answer the question in the topic?


No, it’s not. It definitely is high time that we should be vaccinating kids.

In fact, I’m actually surprised it’s taken this long for approval to vaccinate them. We’re nearly in Year 3 of the Covid-19 Pandemic and it’s only now that the world is mobilizing to jab kids.

If it was up to me, I’d have done it alongside everybody else.

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