The Pandemic Is Straining Mental Health And More Should Done To Address It.

Tell me if this is a familiar tale. The pandemic caused somebody you know to snap. The stress, the lack of free movement, the restrictions and of course, the risk of death led the person to have a meltdown, whether in public or privately. All the mental health issues united like the Avengers, except this time it’s to destroy a person’s sanity.

So what happens next?

If it’s in public, more than like it’s internet stardom for the person. They’re going to pop up on social media, get ridiculed and then forgotten about once the next big thing hits.

As much as I slam on racists like Beow Tan, the fact of the matter is I wonder if the pandemic had any influence on her snapping. Everybody has their own way of coming, and perhaps bringing out her latent racism was her method of coping with the pandemic and all of its stressors.

Why then aren’t there more avenues for help made widely available for those who are on the brink? The government helps out with financial matters with regards to the pandemic, including subsidizing doctor visits for those with Covid-19 symptoms.

Why doesn’t that extend to mental health issues that arise from the pandemic too? If it does (I’m unaware of it), why isn’t it not more widely publicized?

We as a society need to start to destigmatize mental health issues as something to be shunned, ignored and hidden. It shouldn’t be viewed any more different than a regular disease. Just because it’s in somebody’s mind doesn’t mean it’s not real. They’re not just imagining it. They don’t need to man up like any normal person.

I admit, it’s damn easy to condemn somebody for being mentally ill. Make a nuisance of yourself in public and you definitely deserve for what’s coming.

That’s the wrong way of thinking.

Yes, you definitely should call the cops when somebody’s acting up in public but judging them for being mentally ill is not the attitude we should be cultivating.

Mental illness can be cured but it might be a long road to recovery. It’s nothing to sneer at or be ashamed of. I honestly think that for all the good the government is doing, they could be doing much more to address Singaporeans’ mental health.

Hopefully the next year will bring some relief in this regard.

If you or somebody you know need help in this regard, please don’t be afraid to reach out. Head on over to this website to get the aid you need.

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