Why Is It So Complicated To Get And Use The CDC Vouchers?!

The $100 CDC Vouchers for Singaporean households are now available. That’s great! What’s not great is how complicated it is to use the damn things. Hoops upon hoops upon hoops to jump through not only to redeem them, but to share them among household members!


It’s so complicated, the government had to make a video of it to show what to do.

I’m tech savvy but even I think the redemption’s gone gonzo. If I’m thinking that way, what about the less tech savvy among us, particularly the elderly?

It’s like the powers that be are grudgingly handing out the vouchers.

‘You can have them sure, but only if you’re capable enough to redeem them!’

CDC vouchers

Yes, I know that those who need help can head on down to Community Centers…but that alone says volumes about how convoluted the redemption process is.

You shouldn’t be needing help to get your CDC vouchers in the first place!

I know this came about because of fools who robbed people of their grocery vouchers a while back. The government gave out physical vouchers then and their crimes were probably the tipping point for the virtual redemption process now.

Thanks assholes!

Now, here’s the kicker.

There is a way to get physical vouchers.

You have to head on down to a Community Center where they’ll print them out for you. The vouchers have QR codes on them (with serial numbers embedded I suspect) to prevent fraud.

Now why isn’t this an option for everybody?!

If you can redeem the voucher digitally, how much of a leap of faith does it take that the same person also has access to a damn printer? What’s the damn issue here? Do you need magic printers or something?

For all the good the CDC vouchers will be able to do for the needy, getting them and using them is too much of a hassle and somebody really needs to take a good hard look at the process and figure out a way to streamline the whole thing.

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