Chinese Guy Does A Malay Dance Better Than Most Malays.

In Malaysia, Mathathir’s trying to stir up the population against the Chinese there again. He’s saying that Chinese integration into the primarily Malay community there is a problem due to their usage of chopsticks. Imagine what he’d say if he saw a Chinese man doing a Malay dance. He’d probably blow his top!

In Singapore, nobody’s saying that. The Chinese (or whoever else) can use chopsticks without having an old, retired politician badmouthing them. Does that mean we have a problem with racial integration?

Hell no.

Here’s Phillip Ko showing that racial integration among the races in Singapore has never been an issue, chopsticks and all. Just look at Phillip go! I’m a Malay and I can’t dance that well.

Here’s a reference to the original dance performed by Malay dancers.

Look at Phillip dancing away and then look at the Malay dancers…then look back at Phillip again. He’s dancing is pretty damn good, eh?

Cultural appreciation is something we should all be doing. Not only because it allows us to understand each other better, but also because we can learn much more interesting things in the process!

Also, it’s another method of showing Mahathir that his line of thinking is plain wrong. Isn’t that reason enough?

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