Somebody Tried To Scam Me Online. Here’s What Happened.

So here I was minding my own business own Telegram. Out of the blue, I get a notification that’s somebody’s messaged me. Nothing weird, I know a ton of people on the service, though there have been some scam attempts.

I clicked open the tab and it was from somebody I never heard off.

No preamble, no ‘Hello. How are you?’. Straight to the damn point.

HOT DAMN! I’m getting scouted to be a sugar baby! Sign me up bro!

For my part, I of course had to see where this would lead. It’s certainly a unique premise for a scam!

Right off the bat, they tried to sell me on what they were offering. Not only that, they asked for a ton of personal info too!

Scam alert! Scam alert! Scam alert!

Of course, I wasn’t dumb enough to give them my real identity. So I made up a bunch of fake crap.

Now here’s another red light.

I haven’t even sent over my pic (I was looking online for a decent looking guy) and the fool already went on to reply as if I’ve sent it.

Couldn’t even wait this guy.

So damn sure I was hooked at this point, he jumped right in and sent over some pictures ripped from somebody’s Instagram or Facebook.

The sugar mommies don’t seem to care I might look like a mutated ape. That’s a damn good deal really. I’d want a rich woman to shower me with gifts and money, especially if I looked like crap.

Playing along, I picked the lady in the red dress.

That’s when the guy decided to go all in.

There it is! That’s the money shot. That’s the scam.

They want to make me pay them to hook me up with a sugar mommy.

I played the broke card.

I told them I’ll give them their money after I get the sugar mommy to pay me.

Nope, the script doesn’t allow for improv on their part.

What follows is a long list of replies of me trying to convince them to let me have a sugar mommy first before paying them.

I know they’ll never break from their cover story, I just wanted to see how far they’d take it.

At this point, I decided to screw it all and just act like a complete madman to see what they’d do.

I brought out the big guns.

I asked them if they knew who my father was. I asked them to get the sugar mommy to call me. I played to their heartstrings even!

Trust me bro! I’m Singaporean. We all good people!

Didn’t work at all.

So I went down another route; that of a horny and desperate male. Pretty much 90% of the male population that’s online.

Nude pics please!

I wasn’t really expecting them to send over anything X-rated but then again you never know! Thankfully they didn’t…but they also didn’t even deviate from the damn script.

I mean come on! Nude pics didn’t even get them to blink?!

They sent me more stolen pics instead.

I tried to entice them with an obvious lie, hoping they’d bite on that SG$5000 my father gives to me monthly. Still no dice.

Since being nice didn’t work, I tried being an ass instead.

Then I flipped the damn script.

I asked the scammer if they had any nudes to send me.

I was laughing my ass off during this part. I was giggling in my room to myself. I was having a ton of fun.

I guess me asking for the scammer’s nudes broke something in him/her.

For the first damn time, they admitted they don’t have nude pics to send me. I didn’t press on, because I honestly don’t want to get stolen nudes (which would make this article NSFW).

So I went down yet another route; trying to confirm if this is a legit business.

Pro tip: It’s not.

The scammer completely tries to ignore my request for their UEN number.

FYI, an UEN number is a unique identifier that is assigned to all legitimate Singaporean businesses. If you’re ever in doubt about a local business, get their UEN and head on over to the Government’s UEN Search Engine to verify the business’ authenticity.

Needless to say, the scammer doesn’t have one.

I doubt they’re Singaporean too (this would be proven right later on), since they don’t seem to even know what an UEN is.

Die die they try to convince me that they’re not scamming me! They really represent a group of rich sugar mommies who can’t wait to meet me.

Nobody’s buying that right? Nobody but me!

For a couple of hours, I keep pestering them for their UEN and they reply back that I wasn’t serious.

It’s damn obvious that they were reading off a script and that they didn’t really know what to do in this case.

Getting nowhere, I finally decided to tell them I decided to pay them to hook me up.

I wasn’t going to make it easy for them though. They want my money? They’ll have to work for it…not that I’d pay them in any case.

I was trying to get something concrete. An identifier so I can report them to the cops. Nothing yet but things looked promising.

Can you smell it? That air of desperation that’s positively wafting from the replies. The scammer’s going nuts, even trying to tempt me with promises of sugar mommies waiting for me.

Now they say can pay by Google prepaid cards! All attempts of legitimacy gone. Which legitimate company accepts Google cards as a form of payment?

I’m still trying to get an identifier to present to the cops, so I asked them if I can pay by other methods.

Of course they won’t have PayNow.

That’d be too easy to identify and track them down with. Damn, I had to find another way, so I played to their suggestion and said I went down to 7-Eleven but wasn’t able to buy a prepaid card because the cashier told me it was a scam.

The guy positively popped!

He practically fell over himself trying to reel me back in. The dood got so antsy that he gave me a damn call (which I of course declined).

Look at all his responses! Panic is now setting in! Sweet sweet panic.

I purposely staggered my replies, making him stew in his own anxiety.

The scammer slipped up here. Can you spot where?

Yep, they talked about Chase.

So I did some research and found out that Chase is a department store from Pakistan!


I guess he realized his mistake because his next replies to me were to cover his ass.

Yeah…that’s not a store bro.

I’m on to your shit. Chase is a damn bank. The logo’s a dead giveaway.

Double oops.

I didn’t tell him I was on to his crap.

Nope, I played along and asked him for an address to this Chase store of his.

Obviously, the guy didn’t know Singapore. 20 Maxwell Road is Maxwell House, which is an office building.

Here’s the directory for said building.

Notice what’s not there?

Anything named Chase.

Being caught in a bald faced like didn’t stop him for long.

He kept doubling down that there’s a Chase store there and that my sugar mommy would drive on by and pick me up as soon as I paid!

Somewhere out there, there’s this crazy rich woman driving around just waiting for confirmation of where I am! How crazy is that?! It’s almost…unbelievable? Almost like it’s a damn lie?

So I confronted him with the fact there’s no Chase store at Maxwell House and questioned if he’s Singaporean. Bro claims he’s from Woodlands!

Oh snap, I’m living near Woodlands too! Let’s meet up I suggest. I’ll pay you the money then.

Guess what he does.

Of course he won’t meet up. The guy doing the scam’s possibly from Pakistan! That didn’t stop him from trying to convince me to pay up though.

So I went all in and became a daddy’s boy.

Daddy’s going to be pissed his son’s getting a sugar mommy!

He’s going to want one too!

That’s one f-ed up family…son AND daddy together. The scammer didn’t even blink…probably too blinded by the vision of dollar notes floating in front of his eyes.

At this point, I’m tired and bored so I decided to end it all and just go for the gold.

I asked for the bank account number to send to.

Ding ding!

Looks like I’ll be making a police report of the scam for the boys in blue to take over.

Hopefully they can nail the guy for attempted fraud. In the meantime, the idiot’s been banned from ever reaching out to me on Telegram. Bye bye now!

Remember guys, ALWAYS treat anything online as potential scams. Don’t believe anybody without doing your own checking first. Even then, ask around to reconfirm.

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