Will Raeesah Khan Be The Scapegoat?

It must be a nightmare for Raeesah Khan.

After being caught in a lie, Khan has seen her political future gone down in flames. The current political pariah in Singapore, Khan has been toxic to the Worker’s Party after her lie was exposed.

It comes as no surprise then that today, it was announced that she quit.

There really wasn’t any other way out for her. Nobody expected any other outcome.

It is surprising though that it took this damn long.

For weeks, the WP went radio silent on its constituents of what it’ll do. Despite calls by those under its care for transparency and accountability at the outset of the scandal, WP leader Pritam Singh went MIA. Nobody else stepped up.

Is that the sign of good leaders? When the going gets tough, they just went AWOL and avoided the public.

That raises another, more important question now that Raeesah Khan has quit the party. Will they be focusing all their efforts into making her a damn scapegoat?

It’s a point that’s also shared by Calvin Cheng.

The lack of transparency from the WP has been appalling. Instead of coming clean, they’ve closed ranks, cutting off and ignoring those they serve while they do internal damage control.

It’s true that they’ve excised the cancer that is Raeesah Khan…but that shouldn’t be the end of the matter at all. That’s because there are a whole boatload of unanswered questions still remaining.

Questions that put a spotlight on the WP and ones they need to answer. Not because they want to clear the air, but because they’re accountable to those who voted them into power.

Now we’ll truly see the mettle of the Worker’s Party.

Will they just pretend Raeesah Khan was a rogue? That she did everything on her own accord without anybody else knowing? That might be a hard pill to swallow considering that political parties all coordinate intensely on everything from policies to speeches given in parliament.

Only time will tell.

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