Netizens React To Raeesah Khan Quitting In Disgrace.

It’s THE topic of the day. I’ve already written earlier about what’s possibly in store for Raeesah Khan but now that the news has sunk in, I figured it’s time to take a look at what Netizens think of it.

So without further ado…here we go.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that people were pissed as hell at Raeesah for her spouting lies in Parliament. In the days that followed, online sentiment hasn’t changed one bit.

Now almost a month since the initial furor, Netizens are still angry…very very angry.

Disappointment and disgust permeates a ton of the comments talking about Raeesah Khan. Nobody was impressed with her actions, which are unbecoming of an MP.

Many receive the news of her quitting and slinking away as a good sign though.

While it’s true that political scandals do happen in Singapore, the instance of somebody caught lying in Parliament is still something that most Singaporeans would never have expected.

The news that Raeesah Khan had quit did nothing to temper Netizens who were out for her blood.

They want Raeesah punished and don’t think her quitting is acceptable at all. All of them think that it’s a good first step, but it shouldn’t be the end of what’s coming to her.

It’s an easy mindset to understand.

After all, if just quitting puts the issue to bed, what does it say about our justice system? Even worse, what does it say about our government? Getting caught in lies and then just wiggling away from repercussions with just a resignation?

That doesn’t sit well with those who want to see justice done.

In fact, that’s been a question that’s burning on the minds of many Netizens. Now that Khan’s quit, what happens to all the investigations that are on-going?

Thankfully, there’s been news on the front that all of the on-going investigations will still be carried out, though it’s unknown what the repercussions will be now that Raeesah Khan’s no longer an MP.

That’s not the extent of it too.

There’s also a ton of fallout for the Worker’s Party, especially in regards to their leadership and the role they played in Raeesah Khan’s lying.

It certainly didn’t help the Worker’s Party in any way that there’s zero transparency on what went on in the days following Khan’s admission of guilt. Why did it take so long for Khan to resign? Did anybody in the party know about the lies beforehand?

It’s questions like these that have put the spotlight squarely in the face of the WP. According to Netizens, it has been found sorely wanting so far.

Many, some of them undoubtedly WP supporters, now view the party (or at the very least, its current leaders) in a negative light.

Some even lament the good old glory days of the party, when Low Thia Khiang was helming it.

While there are some apologists who try to turn the other cheek, they’re very rare and in the definite minority.

Those who sought to excuse Khan’s despicable behaviour soon found themselves targeted for their views by other angered Netizens.

I’m all for civil discourse, but seriously, how does one even try to give a pass to a politician who’s caught lying to advance her own agenda?

Maybe in other countries this is the norm, but not in Singapore.

Yeah, forgiving and forgetting is all fine and good but there are some things that should never be absolved.

This is definitely one of them.

Here’s hoping that justice is indeed done in the upcoming weeks and months as Raeesah Khan gets her just desserts for her lies.

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